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    Flat-Pak Slings

    Lift-It® Flat-Pak Slings enable sling users to maneuver and stack glass panels or wood crates in tight areas. Flat-Pak slings are protected from load edges by various types of protection materials and feature side bridles for additional load control. Flat-Pak slings are specifically designed for your requirements. Contact us for further information.

    Radome Slings

    Lift-It® Radome Slings are fabricated from nylon or polyester webbing that is specifically made for lifting and features an alloy Masterlink with Subassemblies. The 5/8“ Masterlink with Subassemblies provides an efficient and secure connection point between the Radome Sling and lifting mechanism. Proof testing is available for an additional charge and custom models are readily available.

    Blade Socks

    Lift-It® Blade Socks were developed to replace expensive, European blade socks. Lift-It® Blade Socks facilitate handling and manipulation, with structural integrity, positive attachment points and no seams to rupture. Work Load Limit- 1,000 lbs.

    Sling Tote Bag

    Lift-It® Sling Tote Bags are made from heavy duty nylon materials. All seams are over lock stitched and sewn together with nylon binding tape.

    Inspector / Trainer Kit

    Safety professionals, who participated in the Lift-It® Sling Safety Program requested a Training Kit that would assist in training and accident prevention presentations. Slings, Sling Protection, Webbing and Tag Samples are conveniently carried in a sling tote bag.

    Specialty Products

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