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    Wind Industry

    Lift-It® product specialists worked with the pioneers of the American Wind Industry to develop a sling handling system to replace heavy and damage inflicting, chain slings.


    AIMCO ACRADYNE 2800NM Torque Wrench

    Features and Benefits of the The AIMCO ACRADYNE 2800NM Torque Wrench. Critical high torque assembly applications demand tools that will deliver torque with superior performance and durability. The precision design of the HT Series from AcraDyne combines these features in an electric tool that beats the competition on productivity and ergonomics. AcraDyne’s AIMCO ACRADYNE 2800NM Torque Wrenches transducer torque control system provides consistent, reliable torque values as well as the ability to monitor rotational angle during the tightening process. When combined with AcraDyne’s AIMCO ACRADYNE 2800NM Torque Wrench Tool Controllers, customers have a high torque assembly system that can handle the most demanding and important fastening jobs with the ease and accuracy they demand.   · Faster Free Speed. Up to three times faster than the competition. · Accurate built-in transducer ensures that torque values are accurate - no “guestimates”. · Closed Loop Torque Control System. · Interchangeable Tools, Cables and Controllers Calibrations are specific to the tool, not the system as a whole. · Universal Controller for all AcraDyne tools. · On-tool LED’s for Accept / Reject signals. · CE Compliant · Engineered and MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

    Wind Industry