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    Wire Mesh Slings

    Wire Mesh Sling Applications

    Lift-It® ,Wire Mesh Slings are specialized industrial lifting slings widely used in metal working applications and are heavy-duty rigging slings for positioning coiled strip for slitting and handling sheet steel, hot rolled flat bar stock and cold drawn flats. Other applications include the efficient handling of pre-stressed concrete, pre-fabricated wall panels and pre-cast hollow core concrete beams.

    Wire mesh slings are fabricated and repaired at Lift-It® Manufacturing on a daily basis. Lift-It is the Western Regional Service Center for Cambridge International. The Lift-It® Wire Mesh Lifting Sling welded edge construction will outlast and outperform brazed edges. The brazed edges are sure pretty, but are not as durable as the welded edge on every wire mesh lifting sling.

    The Lift-It® Wire Mesh Sling Fabrication Process

    Our Wire Mesh rigging slings are fabricated in a timely manner and you will receive the same service level that you have come to know and expect. The unique woven wire construction of Lift-It® Wire Mesh Slings consists of a series of smooth, spiral wires joined together across the sling body. This construction gives mesh slings flexibility, long life, wide bearing surface in a single plane for improved gripping, tighter choker hitches and improved load control. The improved handling characteristics have led to Wire mesh lifting slings to be referred to as gripper slings or metal mesh slings. The standard metal mesh material is high strength, Carbon Steel (10 gauge) or 4130 Heat Treated Alloy Lift-It® Wire Mesh Slings can be used where loads are hot, abrasive or tend to damage synthetic slings. Uncoated, Wire Mesh Slings grip the load with little stretch and withstand temperatures to 550˚(F)/287˚(C). ! Warning Do not use Wire Mesh Slings in pairs, unless used vertically and attached to a spreader bar.

    Like all of our nylon web lifting slings and polyester round slings, wire mesh slings need to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure the safety of sling users. Poor inspection practices can lead to devastation, injury and death. Please refer to the inspection and usage information that is available in our Rigging Resource Guide or on our web site. Read and understand the warnings that accompany all our products. Remember, ignore a warning leads to much mourning.


    Maximizer Braided Chain Sling

    The Maximizer is composed of 7 parts of 3/8" (grade 100) alloy chain, interlaced with 1/4" galvanized wire rope. The sling body is attached to T-1 end fittings with grade 100 alloy connecting links. Maximizer Braided Chain Slings are rated at 110,000 Lbs. Basket WLL.

    Wire Mesh Slings