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5/8" UHMPE Recovery / Tow Ropes - Eye & Eye

Manufacturer: Lift-It
Lift-It® Synthetic Recovery Ropes / tow lines have long been the best choice to replace heavy, cumbersome wire rope slings for industrial off highway towing and recovery applications. Each Lift-It® Recovery Rope is constructed from Proline12® UHMPE rope and features abrasion resistant HMPE eye protection.
SLBS (Lbs.) 51,400 lbs
SLBS (t) 23.31 t
WLL @ 5:1 (Lbs.) 10,280 lbs
WLL @ 5:1 (t) 4.66 t
WLL @ 3:1 (Lbs.) 17,133 lbs
WLL @ 3:1 (t) 7.7 t
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Made in the USA

Each rope body is covered with high visibility Orange Cordura® tubular chafe protection standard (Velcro® is available), and all assemblies feature durable identifi cation tags with straight line break strength, Work Load Limits in 5:1 & 3:1 design factors and unique serial numbers for inventory management and reorder purposes. To determine the correct size recovery rope, you must identify the weight of the vehicle being recovered, additional resistance from mud/snow/sand etc., slope resistance, any potential vehicle damage causing resistance such as locked or seized axles among many other factors (see the Estimation Worksheet). In many cases the pulling power of the recovery vehicle will be the main factor when determining the Work Load Limit requirements.

Read and understand all product and warning information provided in both the Recovery Product User Guide and the Specific Product Guide, available by scanning the QR Code on many of the Lift-It® tags and labels or available at, and always follow OSHA, MSHA, ASME, federal, state, provincial, industry, corporate, association, job site specifi c, insurance, vehicle manufacturer, best practice and manufacturer warnings and guidelines.

Only a qualified person that has knowledge and insight into the specific details and potential hazards associated with the particular vehicle recovery activity can determine the appropriate design factor. Straight Line Break Strength (SLBS) is based upon destruction testing done in laboratory testing conditions which will NEVER be duplicated during your actual usage. SLBS is also based upon the product being in NEW and UNUSED condition. Even when used properly, recovery ropes may have experienced UV exposure, wear and may have undetected, potentially detrimental conditions that may have an impact on actual SLBS of a used rope. Visual inspection cannot accurately determine the residual strength of Recovery Ropes / tow lines connection components or protection.

All goods are custom made and Non-returnable. Any return must be negotiated, include a return authorization number and will be subject to a restocking fee.


Products made and/or supplied by Lift-It® Manufacturing can expose you to chemicals including Chromium, Formaldehyde, Cadmium, Lead, Lead based compounds DEHP, Nickel, Nickel compounds, Acrylamide, Crystalline Silica, Triethanolamine, N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to:

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Products specifications
Made in USA Yes
Diameter (inches) 5/8"
Eye Length (inches) 12"
SLBS (Lbs.) 51,400
SLBS (t) 23.31
WLL @ 5:1 (Lbs.) 10,280
WLL @ 5:1 (t) 4.66
WLL @ 3:1 (Lbs.) 17,133
WLL @ 3:1 (t) 7.7
Products specifications
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