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    General Information


    Sling Design Features

    Purchase and Use Considerations

    Sling Angles and Tension

    • Sling Hitches, Angles and Tension
      • Sling Hitches
      • Choker Hitches
      • Basket Hitches
      • Adjustable Hitches
      • Double Choker Hitches
      • Sling to Load Angle
      • Sling Angle Reduced Work Load
      • Sling Angle Increased Tension
      • Center of Gravity
      • Sling Tension Length to Headroom
      • Advanced Tension Calculations
      • Sling Tension Different Horizontal Planes

    Sling Inspection

    Adjustable Rope Slings

    • Adjustable Rope Sling Info Sheet
      • Adjustable Rope Sling Safety Information
      • Adjustable Rope Sling Considerations
      • Adjustable Rope Sling Inspection, Damage Examples & Removal From Service Criteria

    Wire Rope Slings

    Sling Protection

    SlingMax Heavy-Lift Wire Rope Slings

    Miscellaneous Sling Information

    Chain Slings

    Speciality Slings


    Twin Path Slings

    Wire Mesh Slings

    • Wire Mesh Sling Info Page
      • Safety Information
      • Specifications
      • Chemical & Environmental Information
      • Repair & Certification
      • Special Coverings
      • Removal from Service Criteria
      • Ordering Information


    Rigging Hardware

    Rigging Factors

    G-Link Connections



    Eye Bolts


    Actek® Safety Warning



    Hand, Lever, and Eletric Hoist

    Web Strap Pullers

    Cable Winch Hoists


    Tie Downs

    Tie Down Assemblies, Lashing System, Cargo Winches



    RIFD and Misc.

    Dynamometers, Hydraulic Pad Eye Tester, Personnel Baskets

    Outrigger Pads


    Material Handling

    All Material Handling Products

    Modulift Spreader Systems


    Guidelines for the Rigger


    Speciality Nets




    Plate Clamps


    Tie Down Assemblies




    Fall Prevention




    Product Information Bulletins

    Proper use, care and inspection techniques are reinforced by the Lift-It® Product Information Bulletins, which accompany every product. The bulletins are color coordinated to match the supplemental warning tags. The combination of the warning tag and product information bulletin enhances the loss control efforts of responsible sling users.

    Product Information Bulletins - To download PIB, right click on link. Select "Save Target As..."