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Coil Lifters & Upenders

Heavy Duty C-Hook - M82

Designed for heavy duty applications. High tensile alloy steel plate reduces physical size and weight. Counter balanced to hang level when empty. Inside radius helps to prevent coil damage. Curved coil saddle is standard. Guide Handles for ease of hook positioning. Versatile: Handles a wide range of coil widths. Other sizes and capacities are available. Available with optional padding for additional coil protection. Complies with ASME standards.
Made in the USA

Heavy Duty Coil Upender - M88

Fast and convenient way to manipulate coils. Heavy duty disc brake will stop load in any position. Reversing Magnetic Starter with 115 volt pendant control. Stop travel/over travel limit switches. PRODUCT OPTIONS: Larger platforms, sizes and capacities are available. V-Block can be furnished standard or urethane faced. 180 degree horizontal rotation for use from same side. Fork lift truck pick up pockets. Note: If load is not a coil, specify the load’s center of gravity.
Made in the USA
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