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Quality Endorsed Company - ISO 9001 LIC 20307
Mike, Several weeks ago we had a customer place an urgent special order with us that would amount to several thousand dollars in revenue; a significant sale! The trick was that we only had a few days to deliver the order. I knew that Lift-It mentions it’s speed of delivery when required, but let me tell you, Chris MADE IT HAPPEN. This guy helped us secure a several-thousand-dollar sale in a severely depressed local economy. Because of his hard work, and Lift-It’s superior product, W4 gained a strong foothold with a previously low volume customer. Our experience with Lift-It has been nothing but excellent. You’re a great company with great people making great products. We’re proud to be selling Lift-It products, and we look forward to selling them for years to come. To you, Chris, and everyone at Lift-It, Thank you.
W-4 Services LLC, Heston Williams, Vice President
Junior, Thanks for another one of your great classes. It was a great refresher course. Lift-it is a top notch company. Yourself and Senior have a way of drawing you in during your discussions and also treating you like one of the family. Your product knowledge, commitment to safety and generosity is very refreshing to see and much appreciated. Thanks for all you do, for always providing a superior product and always having our safety in mind.
~ Regards, Jim Schultz
To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to attending the class. I figured it would be "just another boring training class." I was totally wrong! Your presentation was extremely well put together and you kept things moving at a good pace to keep us interested. Aside from the things I learned about rigging, I feel like I got to know you a bit also. You seem to be a person that truly cares about his customers. The stories you shared about getting started and the four guys on the line crew really stood out to me. I appreciate you telling us about them. Being that, like your father, I'm just a simple government employee, I don't have any say in the type of equipment that our shop purchases. But, if I had my own company, I would be ordering all my rigging from Lift-It. Again, thank you for a great couple of days and God bless you.
~ Chris Laux
Your training more than adequately covers sling use and inspection. You teach a way of life and our people are safer and at home on the weekends because of you.
~ Joe Crandell Salt River Project
Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks! I have been through numerous trainings and seminars in my short 27 years of blue collar survival and have to say that the last four days have been monumental to say the least. You have set the bar for training in this line of work, not just in this industry line, but you brought to me a personal line of training that dictated what it is to be a man of integrity. You taught the important values of safe rigging and quality, how to be transparent, validating the values of God, being an American, and the importance of family, friends and community. I am grateful that the world of commerce has not compromised you. For most, it’s all about the wallet. Keep up the great work in the greatest race you will ever run.
~ Thanks again, Paul Kriege
God bless you for the work you are doing. You did a fantastic job of communicating and thank you for your commitment to the lives and wellbeing of people. We need more people like you out there.
~ Don Merrill J.R. Simplot
I was recently introduced to your company by one of our riggings supervisors, with whom I am collaborating on some internal procedures. He indicated he buys most of his equipment from you thanks to your reliability and quality. I was moved while reading your website and your efforts to reach and maintain high standards without pushing for low bids. Keep up the good work. It’s reassuring to find an oasis in a desert of mediocrity.
~ Sincerely, Terry Meany - Contract Technical Writer
(major west coast utility power generator)