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Samson Polyester Rope

Samson Tenex-Tec (12 Strand)

Samson Tenex-Tec
Tenex-TEC is a high-strength, low-stretch, polyester rope specifically designed with two ends per carrier to allow higher production splicing for standard and adjustable slings. This construction also provides more rope surface conformance to objects being lifted than standard, single braid constructions. Tenex-Tec is Samthane coated to enhance service life. A viable alternative to double braids when easy field splicing and economy are major considerations.
Made in the USA

Stable Braid-Double Braid (Coated)

Stable Braid-Double Braid (Coated)
Stable Braid-Double Braid (Coated) is a firm, polyester double braided rope with low stretch, high strength-toweight ratio and torque-free construction. It is durable with excellent abrasion and UV resistance.
Made in the USA
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