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    Samson Hardware

    Nylite Connector Assemblies

    Nylite connector assemblies are easily installed or removed from premade soft eyes. Nylite spools are only oneseventh the weight of steel spools. Nylite connectors will not deform or rupture from repeated loading.

    Synthetic Blue Line Rope Thimbles

    Blue Line Thimbles are compatible with Samson’s high-performance, high-modulus, synthetic fiber ropes. The tubular gusseted design creates a high-strength thimble that protects the rope and maintains the proper bending radius when connected to hardware.

    Synthetic Bronze Rope Thimbles

    Bronze Rope Thimbles are made from a high strength, non-corrosive, non-sparking, nickel-aluminum bronze alloy. Bronze Rope Thimbles were developed primarily for use with nylon, manila and polypropylene ropes. Four keepers secure the rope to the thimble. Eighteen sizes are available for rope diameters ranging from 3/8” to 4-3/4”.

    Samson Hardware

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