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Double Leg Bridle

Two leg slings are in stock and ready to ship. Please contact your Lift-It representative for any questions you may have regarding double leg bridles, or two leg slings.


Double Leg - Eye & Eye Sling Bridles (MLB2)

Lift-It® Bridle Assemblies feature hardware that is substantially larger than other manufacturers. We take into account not only the strength requirements, but the spatial relationship between sling attachment points and interfacing hardware. If a 200% load test is required on your slings please contact our sales team prior to ordering, 909-469-2251.
Made in the USA

Double Leg - Endless Sling Bridles

2 leg bridle slings and Lift-It® Bridle Assemblies feature combinations of links, fabric eyes and hooks for the efficient handling of loads with fixed lifting points. Synthetic Bridle Assemblies are lightweight and easy to handle when compared to wire and chain bridles.
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Made in the USA
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