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    Sling Protection

    Sling Protection by Lift-It Mfg. Call us at 909-469-2251. When only the best is good enough!


    CornerMax® Velcro Pads

    CornerMax® Velcro Pads are an ideal solution to protect slings from cutting when it is not practical to use protection that is based upon full, 90º, corner contact.

    CornerMax® Pads

    To be effective, conventional forms of sling protection must be of sufficient strength, thickness and construction. Traditional sling protection has always relied on these attributes to prevent damage to the sling because of direct contact with damaging load edges, corners or surfaces.

    Magnetic Corner Protectors

    Magnetic Corner Protectors are fabricated from a durable synthetic material that protects synthetic and wire rope slings from damage. Magnetic Corner Protectors are for use on 90 degree, “cornered” loads and keep the sling from contacting load edges.

    Sewn & Quick Sleeves - Bulked Nylon/Web

    Sleeves cover both sides of the sling and can be moved to a specific location. Sleeves can also be re-positioned for quick and easy inspection of the sling.

    Quick Sleeves - Felt

    Felt Sleeves with Velcro provide protection from abrasion damage caused by contact with rough surfaces.

    Sewn Sleeves - Felt

    Felt Sleeves provide protection from abrasion damage caused by contact with rough surfaces.

    Quick Tubular Sleeves - Bulked Nylon / Web / Felt

    Quick Tubular Sleeves are available in Bulked Nylon, Web and Felt.

    Sewn & Quick Chap Sleeves - Felt/Bulked Nylon

    Lift-It® Felt Sleeves blend two wear protection materials: Polyester Felt covered by Bulked Nylon, chap sleeves.

    Chafe Gear

    Lift-It® Chafing Gear protects expensive mooring and tow lines from damage. Easy to install and remove, Chafing Gear works equally as well with chain and wire rope assemblies. Chafing Gear is available in three materials: Web, Bulked Nylon or Felt. Chafing Gear made with Web (3/16"thickness) is the most popular. Chafe Gear with Bulked Nylon (3/32"thickness) is four times more abrasion resistant than Web Chafe Gear. Felt Chafe Gear (1/4" thickness-high density felt) provides a "cushion" effect.

    Shackle Pin Protector Pads

    Full length protection, including ear seams. Three connection points secure pad to shackle. Installation and removal in seconds.

    Wire Rope Saddle Protectors

    Wire Rope Saddle Protectors were developed to protect slings and loads. Bottom and Top Wire Rope Saddle Protectors are manufactured from lightweight manganese bronze and are easily positioned.

    Sling Protection