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Utility Slings

Auger Slings

Lift-It® Auger Slings are used to lift and secure drilling augers to the truck boom and are non-marring and non-kinking.

Bushing Slings

Lift-It® Bushing Slings are used in the installation and/or removal of transformer bushings

Dirt Sling

Saves Time and Labor. Replaces Rock Boxes and Barrels. Easily Folds and Stores. Holds Soil and Transports Fill. Eliminates Back Injuries.

Pole Choker Sling

Stock Number PC1-602. Choker-1200 Vertical-1500 90º Basket-3000. Lightweight for easier ascent. Forged End Fittings. Durable Sling Tag. Standard Lengths: 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 and 6 ft. Other Lengths are Available. Ideal for Gear and Equipment Suspension.

Reel Handler

Reel handlers from Lift-It. Swivel lifting eye for lifting and rotating the reel for material pay out.

Reel Lifting Sling

Reel Lifting Slings with Work Load Limit 6,000 Lbs. at 60 Deg. Efficiently handles wood reels. Durable Tag with Serial Number Standard length: 6 ft. Other Lengths are Available.

Remote Release Slings

Lift-It® Remote Release Slings are used in the erection of wood beams and trusses. Remote Release Slings feature six inch, webbing.

Ultimate Pole Sling

Does not kink like cable or fray like rope. Slides for better descent than cable or rope. All fittings-Grade 8 Alloy. Durable Tag with Certificate of Proof Test.

Pole Handling Slings

Lift-It® Pole Handling Slings combine Polyester Max Edge® webbing with a Special Gripper Pad for handling and abrasion resistance. Rated at 5,000 Lbs. choker.