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Cordage and Synthetic Rope For Sale

Cordage is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Natural and synthetic fiber ropes are available in many different sizes, capacities and materials from Lift-It Manufacturing Company, Inc. For more cordage information, please view Our Rigging Resource Guide which details the most complete line of natural and synthetic fiber ropes and related rigging equipment available.

We work with the industry leaders in cordage to provide for your natural and synthetic fiber rope needs with service that is unparalleled. Your natural and synthetic fiber rope orders are shipped expeditiously from our factory on a daily basis. We have served the cordage, heavy lifting and rigging industries for 35 years and are here to provide all of your natural and synthetic fiber rope needs.

Whether you want Samson Cordage, Yale Cordage, Cortland or Continental Western Cordage you can always contact your Lift-It sales representative at 909-469-2251 for your cordage, natural and synthetic fiber rope requirements . “When Only The Best Is Good Enough”, think of us!

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