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Chrome Combination Winch Bar

One end is tapered and angled for truck winch application. Opposite end features a special end fitting for chain binder application. Approximate Length – 32 inches.

Chrome Knurled Winch Bar

One end tapered and angled for truck winch application. Knurled handle provides a positive grip. Approximate Length – 32 inches.

Corner Protectors

Corner protectors provide protection for webbing and cargo. Not for use with Slings. Order Codes 4D and 4E are for tie down applications only.
Made in the USA

Rubber Rope

High quality, solid core rubber rope is available in either 7/16 in. or 3/8 in. diameters. Packaged in 150 ft. rolls.
Made in the USA

Tarp Straps

All natural rubber with negligible amounts of filler. Exceptional UV resistance & cold weather working abilities. Hooks are attached. Superior tensile strength. Packaged 50 pieces per pack
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