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    Rail Industry Slings

    Draw Bar Slings

    Supplied with or without arcs, you must specify stock number and assembly length. Send us your distressed, single path Draw Bar Slings. Your arc may be recycled for substantial savings and the new Draw Bar Sling will be feature a genuine Twin-Path® Sling.

    Rail Tanker Slings

    Super strong and ultra-light, Lift-It® Rail Tanker Slings are the perfect solution to minimize damage during re-railing or car shop operations.

    Traction Motor Slings

    Traction Motor Slings feature: Masterlinks with Subassemblies, Sling Saver Shackles, 7 ton Eye Hoist Hooks and Sling Protection as standard features. Traction Motor Slings can also be furnished with non-removable, Swivel Hooks.

    Wheel Slings

    Wheel Slings are a bridle configuration and incorporate the same special sling protection, provided on Traction Motor Slings.

    Rail Industry Slings