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Clamps, Grabs and Tongs

Barrier Grabs - Model 74

Model 74
Special Auto-Latch mechanism makes operation hands free. No need to latch or secure lifting chains or slings. Barriers incur far less damage resulting in longer life and reduced costs. Barrier Grab moves barriers quicker and easier than manual methods, resulting in less labor.
Made in the USA

Beam Tongs - Model BT

Model BT
Tong provided with lifting shackle. Load must be balanced and controlled when lifting. Use only for vertical lifting. For added stability when handling longer loads, use in pairs with a spreader bar. Complies with ASME Standards.
Made in the USA

Pallet Puller - Model MPP

Model MPP
Used for moving hard to reach loaded pallets on flat surfaces, such as truck trailers or loading docks. Extends reach capability of fork lift trucks. Single scissor action. Heavy duty steel design. NOT FOR OVERHEAD LIFTING. Work Load Limit- 1250 Lbs. 3/8 in. proof coil chain.
Made in the USA

Pipe Grabs - Model C & S

C & S
Heavy duty, automatic clamping design. Outriggers stabilize pipe, during the lift. No blocking is required. The operator only has to guide the clamp into place.
Made in the USA

Rail Tongs - Model RLT

Model RLT
Designed to handle standard size rails. Tongs are provided with non-slip, machined, diamond face gribbing pads. Load must be balanced and controlled when lifting. Complies with ASME standards.
Made in the USA
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