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Industrial lifting Cargo Nets by Lift-It Manufacturing, Inc.. With over 30 years experience in the cargo net, sling and rigging industries, we are your one stop shop for all of your heavy rigging and lifting needs. When Only the Best is Good Enough!


Cargo Nets

Web Cargo Nets are considerably more flexible, lightweight and compact than wire or manila rope nets. Military Specification Cargo Nets are manufactured to: Department of Defense specification-MIL-S-18313G and have a mesh opening size of approximately 6.25 inches square. Commercially produced Cargo Nets and non-standard sized nets are also readily available.
From $497.60
Made in the USA

Rope Cargo Nets

Rope Cargo Nets are used to load and unload cargo using a lifting method that draws the corners of a net around its load to a gathered point located above the load providing secure and balanced lifting. Rope Cargo Nets can be used for a variety of lifting applications.
From $1,108.00
Made in the USA

Nylon Rope Nets

Lift-It Nylon Rope Nets are made to fit your dimensional requirements. Rope Net bodies feature a knotted diamond mesh with 2, 3.5 or 4 inch knot to knot openings. Rope borders are 5/16 in polypropylene. All materials are treated with a UV inhibitor to minimize degradation.
From $152.55
Made in the USA

Wheel Nets

Wheel Nets
Lift-It® Wheel Nets are used in pairs to handle vehicles of various sizes and weights. Standard models are offered for Style “R” Wheel Nets, but in many instances Wheel Nets are designed and fabricated to meet specific application requirements.
From $1,954.61
Made in the USA

Flight Deck Nets

Flight Deck Nets
Lift-It® Flight Deck Nets, or sometimes referred as Flight Deck Safety Nets , fabricated from slotted webbing with a standard haze gray latex finish. The webbing is certifiable to MIL-W-23223A, specification for slotted webbing. Rectangular and triangular nets, as well as chock and causeway roller nets to NAV Ship Drawing Number 804-1363948, Revision ‘G’ and Drawing Number 803-5184097 are also available.
Made in the USA
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