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    Lever Hoists

    Level Hoists & Come-Alongs

    We stock lever hoists, commonly referred to as come-alongs made by the industry leaders, Harrington and Columbus McKinnon (CM), Coffing and Lug-All. We work with the industry leaders to provide for your hoist needs with service that is unparalleled. Hoists are shipped expeditiously from our factory on a daily basis.

    We have served the heavy lifting and rigging industries for 35 years and are here to provide all of your hoist requirements. Please contact your Lift-It sales representative at 909-469-2251 for all of your hoist needs. “When Only The Best Is Good Enough”, think of us!


    OZ Premium Lever Hoists

    OZ Premium Lever Hoists. Lever Hoist from 0.75 ton through 9 ton. Standard lifts of 5, 10, 15 and 20 ft. (All standard lifts in stock)We custom rig to meet your needs! FREE SPARE SET OF LATCHES WITH EVERY HOIST!!!

    OZ Mini Mechanical Lever Hoist

    OZ Mini Mechanical Lever Hoist having lightweight construcion, fully enclosed gear train with minimum headroom.

    Harrington Hoist LB Lever Hoists - ¾ to 9 Ton

    LB Series Lever Hoists offer low headroom and compact design that is perfect for use in tight quarters. Regarded as the best lever hoist in the industry, the LB Lever Hoist is recommended for use in heavy-duty construction, mining, manufacturing, shipbuilding and day-to-day maintenance and repair operations.

    Harrington LX Lever Puller - ¼ and ½ Ton

    Harrington LX Mini Pullers are lightweight, compact and built to perform. LX Mini Pullers fit conveniently in a toolbox and will easily handle pulling and moving jobs in many applications including transportation, construction and plumbing. Available in two capacities, the ½ Ton model is unique to the industry.

    CM 653 Lever Hoist

    Series CM 653 Lever Hoist are rugged tools for close quarters operation. The short handle and minimal lever pull effort, make the 635 ideal for a broad range of lifting, pulling and stretching operations.

    CM Puller

    CM Pullers are designed for heavy duty construction and industrial applications. Used to pull, lift, drag or stretch. Tough Aluminum Alloy Construction and Powder Coat finish. Hoistaloy, hardened link, Load Chain.

    Lever Hoists

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