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Wire Rope Slings

Proper Use of Industrial Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope slings have been used extensively for years and were once the industrial lifting sling of choice. Wire rope slings, sometimes referred to as wire cable slings are more robust and durable than nylon slings and also have higher temperature limits.

Wire rope slings with an independent wire rope core (IWRC) can withstand contact and exposure temperatures up to 400 degrees (F). Wire cable slings with fiber cores should never be exposed to temperatures in excess of 180 degrees (F). Wire rope slings of all types should never be used at temperatures below -40 degrees (F). Wire rope rigging slings with fiber cores (FC) are rated at reduced capacities when compared with an equivalent size, wire choker with an independent wire rope core (IWRC). They are generally fabricated from 6 x 19 or 6 x 37 construction wire cable. The constructional numbers refer to the number of strands (6) that are helically wound around a core. The core supports the strands of the wire rope lifting sling and can either be an independent wire rope core (IWRC) or a fiber core (FC) made from hemp or sisal. Smaller diameter wire rope slings feature 6 strands with 19 wires in each strand. Larger diameter industrial lifting slings will generally feature 6 strands with 37 individual wires in each strand. The 6 x 37 construction is more flexible than the 6 x 19 construction, but not as abrasion resistant.

Wire cable lifting slings used by the crane, rigging and material handling industries are available in many different styles and constructions to meet your needs. Custom made slings and special order slings are shipped daily from our factory. The most popular wire lifting slings are Single Body slings featuring a 6 x 19 or 6 x 37 Construction, Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIPS) Wire Rope with an Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC). These slings are sometimes referred to as wire chokers, Permaloc wire rope slings, wire cable slings, Flemish eye slings, single leg slings, eye and eye slings or eye & eye slings due to the loop or eye that is formed on each end of the wire sling.

Wire Rope Sling Safety

There are different grades and strengths of steel used to manufacture the individual wires that make up the sling. The most popular for sling fabrication is (EIPS). Metallurgists continue to improve the tensile properties of steel with new, corresponding designations such as EEIPS (Extra-Extra Improved Plow Steel). Single leg, Flemish Eye/Mechanical Splice, Wire Slings provide additional security, superior to return loop wire slings should the swage sleeve become damaged during use. Single Body Wire Cable slings are available in 15 different types which feature different combinations of plain loops, three types of thimbles (crescent, standard and slip through) and rigging hooks. Thimbles greatly improve sling longevity by protecting the rope at connection points. We offer two types of single leg wire slings that feature a sliding choker hook that is placed between the sling eyes. Industrial lifting slings with sliding choker hooks make removal of the cable sling from the load, quick and easy. Type 14 lifting slings feature a lifting loop on one end and a thimble on the opposite end to engage the sliding choker hook. Type 15 lifting slings features plain loops each end. View the 15 single leg wire sling types available .

We will not sell you a sliding choker hook without a hook latch, but there are many that will! Stainless Steel Wire Rope Slings provide the sling user with improved corrosion resistance and are also readily available. Cable Laid Wire Rope Slings with a galvanized finish are also available. Cable Laid Wire Slings are much more flexible than equivalent sized, single body wire slings. The flexibility of industrial lifting slings that feature a cable laid construction is a direct result of the small diameter, aircraft cable used in the fabrication of the wire sling. Size for size, cable laid lifting slings are not as strong as equivalent sized, single body, wire chokers. Cable laid wire slings can be equipped with many of the same options available for single body slings.

Custom Made Wire Rope Slings by Lift-It®

In addition to our standard lifting slings, custom made slings are also readily available. Cable laid slings are also referred to as Ultra flexible cable laid slings, steel strand and E-Z Flex Cable Laid wire rope slings. Wire Rope Bridle Slings are available in two leg bridle, three leg bridle and four leg bridle designs. A master link is used to collect the multiple wire cable sling legs, while providing a connection point to the hoist line. Bottom “connectors” such as masterlinks or eye hoist hooks (with latches) are most commonly used to engage the load. Custom made bridle slings are also readily available.

In addition to wire bridles we also offer a complete line of strand laid grommets and swaged socket assemblies. Slingmax® Wire Rope Slings are as revolutionary to wire cable slings as Twin-Path® Extra, high performance fiber slings are to polyester roundslings. That makes sense, because both products are patented inventions from the mind of Dennis St. Germain, Sr. Without a doubt, Mr. St. Germain has done more for the sling, crane and rigging industries than any other. It all started years ago with the Tri-Flex® Sling which provides professional riggers with a great combination of strength and flexibility. Tri-Flex® wire rope slings provide substantial savings due to the materials used and the tremendous labor savings realized in the fabrication process. Tri-Flex® cable slings were also the genesis of T&D Ultra-Flex® slings which are used extensively in the power generation, transmission and distribution industries.

Gator-Laid® wire rope slings and Gator-Max® wire cable slings are the most efficient, heavy lift slings available. Both the Gator-Laid® wire slings and Gator-Max® lifting slings feature 12 parts of wire in the sling eye and meet all the requirements of the Wire Rope Technical Board and the United States Navy. Gator-Flex® wire rope slings and Gator-Flex® wire rope grommets are heavy lift slings used extensively by the oil and gas industries for both land based and off shore rigging. Gator-Flex® wire slings offer sling users the greatest flexibility available for a heavy lifting sling. Gator-Flex® grommets not only provide flexibility, but can be fabricated for applications requiring minimum sling lengths.

Like all of our nylon web slings and polyester round slings, wire rope slings need to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure the safety of sling users. Poor inspection practices can lead to devastation, injury and death. Please refer to the inspection and usage information that is available in our Rigging Resource Guide or on our web site. Read and understand the warnings that accompany all our products. Remember, ignore a warning leads to much mourning.

The Lift-It® Wire Choker Difference

All wire chokers shipped from Lift-It have a heavy duty, metal sling tag attached. There is no additional charge for this as we have always felt it is our duty to provide robust sling tags. Others may use cloth or synthetic materials which sometimes come off the sling, before it’s even used! Others fill in the information with magic marker that is not so magic. The tag is just as important as the wire cable, the way the Flemish eye is fabricated and the way the mechanical sleeve is swaged. If a vendor wants to charge you extra for a metal tag, run as fast and as far as you can from them and contact the sling experts at Lift-It Manufacturing, where profit margins are not maximized by supplying labels that should be used on clothing.

While wire cable slings are more robust and durable than nylon lifting slings or polyester roundslings, wire slings are not cut proof. Wire slings need to be protected from damage like all industrial lifting slings. Only materials of sufficient strength, thickness and construction must be used to prevent damage. Do not use gloves or cardboard. Use protection devices that have been designed to resist the effects of cutting and abrasion. Wire Rope Saddle Protectors are readily available; Click Here


Single Body Wire Rope Slings

Single Body Wire Rope Slings feature 6 x 19 or 6 x 37 Construction, Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIPS) wire rope with an Independent Wire Rope Core
Made in the USA

Multiple Leg Wire Rope Bridle Assemblies

Wire Rope Bridle Assemblies
Single part body. Thimbles protect sling. 6 x 19 or 6 x 37 Rope construction. IWRC resists crushing. Other fittings available. Do not exceed Work load limits.
Made in the USA

Swaged Socket Assemblies

Swaged Socket Assemblies feature forged, steel fittings and develop the full, nominal wire rope breaking strength.
Made in the USA

Mechanical Swaged Grommet

Wire Rope Grommets feature a wire rope body with a mechanical splice to form an endless body.
Made in the USA

Gator-Flex® Grommets

Gator-Flex Grommets
Gator-Flex® Grommets are endless in configuration and are a perfect Slingmax® solution for heavy lift applications that require minimum sling lengths.
Made in the USA

Gator-Flex® Wire Rope Sling

Gator-Flex® Wire Rope Slings were developed in conjunction with offshore oil company riggers who desired a heavy lift, multi-part sling that could be visually
Made in the USA

Gator-Laid® Wire Rope Slings

Gator-Laid® products were developed in conjunction with the offshore oil industry to provide the worlds best, heavy lift wire rope slings.
Made in the USA

T&D Ultra-Flex™ Wire Rope Slings

T&D Ultra-Flex
T&D Ultra-Flex™ Wire Rope Slings are extremely flexible, with great applications for general rigging and use in the power, transmission and distribution
Made in the USA

Tri-Flex® Wire Rope Sling

Tri-Flex® Wire Rope Slings provide the optimum combination of strength and flexibility.
Made in the USA

Wire Rope Saddle Protectors

Wire Rope Saddle Protectors were developed to protect slings and loads. Bottom and Top Wire Rope Saddle Protectors are manufactured from lightweight manganese bronze and are easily positioned.
Made in the USA
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