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Dynamometers For Sale

Dynamometers are available in many different sizes, capacities and types from Lift-It Manufacturing Company, Inc. We have a variety of dynamometers in stock that are ready for immediate shipment.

We have served the heavy lifting and rigging industries for 35 years and are here to provide all of your dynamometer needs. Please contact your Lift-It sales representative at 909-469-2251 for all of your dynamometer requirements. “When Only The Best Is Good Enough”, think of us!


Dillon Edjunior Dynamometer

Dillon EDjunior dynamometers get straight to the point. Apply a load and take a reading. Its Spartan design and development were in direct response to the need for an extremely well built instrument capable of consistently delivering accurate, repeatable measurements. The EDjunior is even more remarkable, when you consider the price. EDjunior accuracy, long service life, safety and price go hand in hand.

MSI-7300 Dyna-Link Dynamometer

MSI proudly introduces the MSI-7300, the all-new generation “Dyna-Link” digital tension dynamometer. Like its predecessor MSI-7200, the MSI-7300 provides a full feature set satisfying nearly all load tension monitoring applications and much more.
Made in the USA

Straightpoint Radiolink Plus Loadcell

Straightpoint Radiolink Plus Loadcell Features and benefits: • Proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless • Industry leading wireless range of 700m/2300ft • Error free data transmission • Unrivaled resolution • Environmentally sealed to IP67/NEMA6 • 90db Audible overload alarm • Unmatched battery life of 1200hrs • Internal antennae • Compact size • Remote on-off • Lightweight aluminum • 100 Hz Peak hold • Advanced options available • Push button tare • Design validated by F.E.A. Please read below for more information on the Straightpoint Radiolink Plus Loadcell

Straightpoint Wireless Shackle

Straightpoint Wireless Shackle Features and benefits: • Proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless • Error free data transmission • Industry Leading Wireless Range of 700m/2300ft • Environmentally sealed to IP67/NEMA6 • Internal antennae • Remote on/off • Unrivaled resolution • Unmatched battery life of 1200hrs • Low headroom solution • Manufactured using leading brand shackles • Each Wireless Shackle is supplied with a load-centering spool • Design validated by F.E.A. Read below for additional information on the Straightpoint Wireless Shackle
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