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    Straightpoint Wireless Shackle

    Straightpoint Wireless Shackle Features and benefits: • Proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless • Error free data transmission • Industry Leading Wireless Range of 700m/2300ft • Environmentally sealed to IP67/NEMA6 • Internal antennae • Remote on/off • Unrivaled resolution • Unmatched battery life of 1200hrs • Low headroom solution • Manufactured using leading brand shackles • Each Wireless Shackle is supplied with a load-centering spool • Design validated by F.E.A. Read below for additional information on the Straightpoint Wireless Shackle

    Straightpoint Radiolink Plus Loadcell

    Straightpoint Radiolink Plus Loadcell Features and benefits: • Proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless • Industry leading wireless range of 700m/2300ft • Error free data transmission • Unrivaled resolution • Environmentally sealed to IP67/NEMA6 • 90db Audible overload alarm • Unmatched battery life of 1200hrs • Internal antennae • Compact size • Remote on-off • Lightweight aluminum • 100 Hz Peak hold • Advanced options available • Push button tare • Design validated by F.E.A. Please read below for more information on the Straightpoint Radiolink Plus Loadcell

    Endless Round Slings

    Polyester endless round slings from Lift-It Manufacturing. Endless round sling configurations enable the user to rotate hook and load contact points, resulting in increased sling longevity. Lift-It® Polyester Roundslings are made of polyester core yarn covered by a seamless, tubular cover. The seamless round sling construction and tubular design of the cover helps to eliminate the premature rupturing of covers, characteristic of seamed roundslings. If a 200% load test is required on your slings please contact our sales team prior to ordering, 909-469-2251.

    Featured Products

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