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Twin-Path Slings

Twin-Path® Slings are heavy lift high performance slings, sometimes referred to as Kevlar® slings or TPXC, have been used for decades to replace heavy wire rope and chain slings. At approximately 10% the weight of a comparable strength steel sling, Twin-Path® slings help to reduce the risk of injury to riggers, and reduces transportation and rigging costs. The incredible strength to weight ratio is achieved with K-Spec® high-performance fiber core yarns utilizing world class fiber combinations of Spectra®, Dynemma®, Technora® or Twaron® . This fiber determined by independent testing to be the longest lasting load-bearing core yarns available. Increased durability is achieved with Covermax® patented cover technology external jackets, with four times more abrasion resistance than standard nylon or polyester covers, combined with a red internal cover to aid inspection and alert users of cover damage.

twin path slings

Sling Design

The Twin-Path® sling design offers two independent paths of fiber working as one sling, load tested to 200% of capacity, giving riggers peace of mind in knowing that even if one path is compromised the risk of catastrophic failure is minimized. This patented design along with Check-Fast® external warning indicators make Slingmax® synthetic high-performance slings the preferred heavy lifting sling worldwide.

Twin-Path® slings offer excellent precision, with exacting length tolerances and only 1% elongation at rated capacity, allowing engineered lifts to be planned and executed efficiently.


Hundreds, if not thousands of critical lifts have been performed at nuclear and hydro power generation facilities, bridge and stadium construction, ship building and steel erection not to mention the tens of thousands of successful Wind turbine installs. Lightweight, durable and ergonomic, Twin-Path® slings are easier to handle and rig than wire rope or chain slings while conforming to the load without damaging delicate surfaces.

With a longer lifespan than other synthetic slings, easier inspection than chain or wire rope slings, ease of use, and repairability, Twin-Path® slings reduce the cost of ownership over the life of the sling. Overall, Twin-Path® high-performance slings provide a superior solution in heavy lift rigging operations.


Twin-Path® high performance synthetic slings, also known as Twin-Path® slings, offer several advantages over traditional wire rope or chain slings. These slings are made of a high-strength HMPE and aramid synthetic materials that are lightweight, flexible, low maintenance, and easy to handle. Some of the key advantages of Twin-Path® slings are:

First, Twin-Path® slings are incredibly strong and durable. They have a higher working load limit than wire rope or chain slings of similar size and weight, making them ideal for heavy lifting applications. Lighter weight Twin-Path® slings allow for less effort to rig with fewer personnel and no need for additional equipment to get the sling on the crane hook.

Second, Twin-Path® slings are non-conductive and non-corrosive, which makes them safer and more versatile than metal slings, especially when working in potentially energized scenarios. They can be used in a wider range of environments, including those near electrical hazards or potentially corrosive substances.

Third, Twin-Path® slings are gentle on the load being lifted. The soft, flexible material reduces the risk of damage to fragile or sensitive items, such as fuselages, composite, fiberglass, or painted finishes. Spreading the load over a wider surface area reduces the risk of crushing.

Finally, Twin-Path® slings are easy to inspect and maintain. They are unaffected by water, resistant to UV light, as well as many other environmental factors, which extends their lifespan and reduces the need for frequent replacements. Twin-Path® slings are also repairable.

Overall, Twin-Path® slings are an extremely reliable, ergonomically and environmentally friendly, and cost-effective choice for any heavy lifting operation.

Twin-Path® Sling Inspection

A specific procedure for sling inspection is the best safeguard against injury, death and property damage. It is important that you employ a three-stage level of inspection to ensure that slings are inspected with the appropriate frequency. It is also important that all inspections must be done by trained and qualified personnel.

To detect possible damage, you should perform a visual inspection of the entire sling and also feel along its entire length, as some damage may be felt more than seen. Visit our dedicated web page to Twin-Path® sling inspection by clicking here.

Lift-It® has been a premier fabricator of Slingmax® Twin-Path® Sling products for over three decades, providing outstanding customer service, 24/7/365 fabrication abilities, in-house proof testing and custom fabrication capabilities for all your heavy lift rigging needs. Please contact your Lift-It® sales representative at 909.469.2251 or browse our online inventory for all of your Twin-Path® Sling requirements. “When Only The Best Is Good Enough”, think of us!


What are the weight handling capacities of Twin-Path® Slings?

The weight handling capacity, also referred to as Work Load Limit, of Twin-Path® Slings varies depending on the size and configuration of the sling. Typically, Twin-Path® Slings can handle weights ranging from a few thousand pounds to Hundreds of tons. However, it is important to always consult the manufacturer's specifications and capacity tag to determine the weight rating of a specific Twin-Path® Sling.

How do I select the right Sling for my application?

Selecting the right Twin-Path® Sling for your application requires careful consideration of several factors, including the weight and shape of the load, the location and identification of the CG (center of gravity), the lifting method, and the environmental conditions such as edges that could damage the Twin-Path® sling that may require additional sling protection. It is important to consult with the manufacturer or a qualified lifting professional to determine the appropriate sling size, weight capacity (Work Load Limit), and configuration for your specific application.

Can Twin Path® Slings be used in hazardous environments?

Twin-Path® Slings are resistant to a wide range of environmental factors including certain chemicals, UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays, and are unaffected by salt or fresh water. However, it is important to consult with the manufacturer or a qualified lifting professional to determine if a specific Twin-Path® Sling is appropriate for use in a specific / potentially hazardous environment. In some cases, additional considerations and/or protective measures may be necessary to ensure safe and proper use.

What types of Twin Path® slings are available?

Twin-Path® slings come in various configurations to suit different lifting needs. Some common types include:

Endless slings: These slings form a continuous loop, providing versatility in creating different hitch types. The endless design enables the user to rotate the hook and load contact points, using different connections around the circumference of the sling which may increase the serviceable life of the sling.

Eye & Eye slings: This style features the classic design Twin-Path® sling constructed as an endless with an additional sleeve pulled over the body of the sling creating “eyes”. This style of Eye & Eye sling is easier to handle during lifting activities. The body sleeve of an Eye & Eye Twin-Path® sling may be removed for inspection and reinstalled by the user allowing rotation of the contact points.

Wide Body slings: These slings have a broader surface area, which helps distribute the load over a larger area. This is accomplished with a body sleeve or pad that orientates the paths of the endless Twin-Path® sling side by side. The body pads can be made from various materials such as heavy-duty webbing, conveyor belting, UHMWPE films depending on the specific application. The body sleeve of a Wide Body Twin-Path® sling is typically sewn in place and cannot be removed in the field.

Are Twin-Path® slings as heavy as other heavy lift rigging?

Depending on the overall size and length, Twin-Path® slings can usually be handled by a single rigger. They are 7 times lighter than equivalent strength wire rope or chain slings, reducing the need for additional personnel and lowering the risk of injury.



Wheel Slings

Wheel Slings are a bridle configuration and incorporate the same special sling protection, provided on Traction Motor Slings.
Made in the USA

Twin-Path® Extra Sling, TUFXKS / TPXC

The first truly ergonomic sling, Twin-Path® Extra Slings (TUFXKS a.k.a. TPXC) are used worldwide in place of wire rope slings for heavy lifts. Twin-Path® Extra Slings weigh approximately 10% of comparable strength, steel slings. Super strong and ultra-light, Twin-Path® Extra Slings rated at 600,000 Lbs. vertical capacity are standard items and larger capacity heavy lifting slings are available.
From $70.29
Made in the USA

Single-Path Check-Fast® High Performance Roundsling

Single-Path Check-Fast® High Performance Roundslings are the only single path HP Single-Path Roundsling to feature the Check-Fast®, Overload Inspection System. Resilient K-Spec® Load Bearing Core Yarns are encapsulated by Covermax®, one of the most durable sling covers available.
From $49.84
Made in the USA

Twin-Path® Eye and Eye Slings

Twin-Path® Eye and Eye Slings are a perfect Slingmax® solution for applications requiring an eye and eye configuration. All the benefits of Twin-Path® are included in the Twin-Path® Eye & Eye Sling, which features a single body and integrated eyes. Slingmax Twin-Path® Eye and Eye Slings are available in larger sizes and lengths upon request.
From $212.10
Made in the USA

Mine Tow Straps

Equipment recovery in surface mining operations has been improved dramatically, with the use of Lift-It® High Performance Fiber, Twin-Path® Mine Tow Straps.
From $935.63
Made in the USA

Haul Truck Dump Body Slings

Service repairs require the dump body to be elevated. Twin-Path® Haul Truck Dump Body Slings are designed to share the load of the truck dump body in a raised position.
Made in the USA

Draw Bar Slings

Supplied with or without arcs, you must specify stock number and assembly length. Send us your distressed, single path Draw Bar Slings. Your arc may be recycled for substantial savings and the new Draw Bar Sling will be feature a genuine Twin-Path® Sling.

Rail Tanker Slings

Super strong and ultra-light, Lift-It® Rail Tanker Slings are the perfect solution to minimize damage during re-railing or car shop operations.
Made in the USA

Twin-Path® & Stage Rigging Sparkeater®

Twin-Path® Sparkeater Slings provide exceptional thermal stability and withstand temperatures up to 300F/730C. Fire exposure testing was conducted by London Scientific, in conjunction with the Offshore Certification Bureau. Sparkeater® Slings were identified as being, as good as wire rope or chain slings in off-shore applications for the petroleum industry. Twin-Path¢ç Sparkeater Slings are available in 10,000 to 100,000 Lbs. vertical capacities.
Made in the USA

Smart Sling™ Package

Features & Benefits: Instant overload notifications, Track 50 slings at once, Ability to scan & log inventory, User accountability, SMS text message & email alerts, 500+ ft range, Sling history database, Easy to use software
Call for pricing
Made in the USA

Slingmax Smart Sling™ - Twin Path® Sling

Features & Benefits: Instant overload notifications, Track 50 slings at once, Ability to scan & log inventory, User accountability, SMS text message & email alerts, 500+ ft range, Sling history database, Easy to use software
Call for pricing
Made in the USA

Smart Sling™ - Base Station

Features & Benefits: Instant overload notifications, Track 50 slings at once, Ability to scan & log inventory, User accountability, SMS text message & email alerts, 500+ ft range, Sling history database, Easy to use software
Call for pricing
Made in the USA

Smart Sling™ - Computer & Software

Features & Benefits: Instant overload notifications, Track 50 slings at once, Ability to scan & log inventory, User accountability, SMS text message & email alerts, 500+ ft range, Sling history database, Easy to use software
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Made in the USA
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