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    Twin-Path Slings

    Custom Twin-Path Slings

    Twin-Path Slings, once referred to as Twin-Path Kevlar Slings or Kevlar Slings, are available in many different sizes, capacities and types from Lift-It Manufacturing Company, Inc. We have a variety of Twin-Path Slings, or what used to be called by many Twin-Path Kevlar Sling or Kevlar Slings, in stock that are ready for immediate shipment. In addition to our current Twin-Path Sling inventory, we also manufacture custom Twin-Path Slings to your specifications.

    We have served the heavy lifting and rigging industries for 35 years and are here to provide all of your Twin-Path Sling needs. Please contact your Lift-It sales representative at 909-469-2251 for all of your Twin-Path Sling requirements. “When Only The Best Is Good Enough”, think of us!


    Single-Path Check-Fast® High Performance Roundsling

    Single-Path Check-Fast® High Performance Roundslings are the only single path HP Single-Path Roundsling to feature the Check-Fast®, Overload Inspection System. Resilient K-Spec® Load Bearing Core Yarns are encapsulated by Covermax®, one of the most durable sling covers available.

    Twin-Path® Eye and Eye Slings

    Twin-Path® Eye and Eye Slings are a perfect Slingmax® solution for applications requiring an eye and eye configuration. All the benefits of Twin-Path® are included in the Twin-Path® Eye & Eye Sling, which features a single body and integrated eyes. Slingmax Twin-Path® Eye and Eye Slings are available in larger sizes and lengths upon request.

    Mine Tow Straps

    Equipment recovery in surface mining operations has been improved dramatically, with the use of Lift-It® High Performance Fiber, Twin-Path® Mine Tow Straps.

    Haul Truck Dump Body Slings

    Service repairs require the dump body to be elevated. Twin-Path® Haul Truck Dump Body Slings are designed to share the load of the truck dump body in a raised position.

    Draw Bar Slings

    Supplied with or without arcs, you must specify stock number and assembly length. Send us your distressed, single path Draw Bar Slings. Your arc may be recycled for substantial savings and the new Draw Bar Sling will be feature a genuine Twin-Path® Sling.

    Rail Tanker Slings

    Super strong and ultra-light, Lift-It® Rail Tanker Slings are the perfect solution to minimize damage during re-railing or car shop operations.

    Traction Motor Slings

    Traction Motor Slings feature: Masterlinks with Subassemblies, Sling Saver Shackles, 7 ton Eye Hoist Hooks and Sling Protection as standard features. Traction Motor Slings can also be furnished with non-removable, Swivel Hooks.

    Twin-Path® & Stage Rigging Sparkeater®

    Twin-Path® Sparkeater Slings provide exceptional thermal stability and withstand temperatures up to 300F/730C. Fire exposure testing was conducted by London Scientific, in conjunction with the Offshore Certification Bureau. Sparkeater® Slings were identified as being, as good as wire rope or chain slings in off-shore applications for the petroleum industry. Twin-Path¢ç Sparkeater Slings are available in 10,000 to 100,000 Lbs. vertical capacities.

    Twin-Path® Bridles

    Twin-Path® Bridles are the lightest and strongest synthetic bridles available. Twin-Path® Bridles with K-Spec® core yarn are less than half the weight of an equivalent, steel bridle assembly. With no heavy masterlink, the top eye fits effortlessly over the lifting mechanism.

    Wheel Slings

    Wheel Slings are a bridle configuration and incorporate the same special sling protection, provided on Traction Motor Slings.

    Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridles

    Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridles are the ultimate rigging tool. They replace standard two or four leg bridles, with the additional value of self-adjustment to awkward loads. One leg has twice the capacity of the other leg. As tension is applied, Twin-Path® Adjustable Bridles self-adjust over the center of gravity to find the lifting point for level, load handling.

    Twin-Path Slings