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Plate Clamps

OZ Lifting Beam Clamps

This Oz Lifting Products beam clamp is 100% made in the U.S.A.. OZ Lifting Products uses no press fit pins in their beam clamps. They also completely weld the support plates at the main load pin to the heavy-duty side plates, providing exceptional rigidity and strength. EPA-compliant zinc plating also adds increases corrosion resistance.

Beam Locking Model BC

Model BC is a multi-purpose beam clamp suitable for lifting beams or providing suspension of hoists from beams or girders, Thereby eliminating the need for nuts, bolts and shackles.

Vertical Lifting-Non-Locking-Model AST

Both AST and ASTL plate clamps were developed primarily for lifting, turning and stacking lightweight beams and structural shapes while constant tension is applied to the lifting shackle.

Vertical Lock + 180° Turn + Side Pull Model JPA

Model JPA is a vertical lifting clamp capable of turning a single plate or member from horizontal to vertical to horizontal through a 180 degree arc.

Vertical Locking and 180 Degree Turn Model SCSL

MODEL SCSL is a locking screw clamp capable of handling a steel plate from a horizontal through a 180-degree arc.

Vertical Locking and 90 Degree Turn Model LJ

MODEL LJ is a vertical lifting clamp capable of turning a plate from horizontal to vertical and back through the same 90ยบ arc.

Vertical Locking Model FR

Model FR is a vertical lifting clamp for relatively light work. It is small and easy to handle with capacities through three tons.

Plate Clamps are in stock and we feature clamps by Renfroe and Superclamp. We carry AST and ASTL plate clamps, vertical locking model FR, Vertical locking and 90 degree turn-Model LJ, Vertical Locking and 180 degree turn-Model SCSL, Vertical Locking + 180 Degree Turn + Side Pull Model JPA, Beam Locking clamps Model BC, all in the Renfroe Plate Clamp series. We have SUPERCLAMP adjustable double ended monorail clamps, SUPERCLAMP Swivel Jaw Adjustable Girder Clamps, Fixed Jaw Adjustable Girder Dog and Adjustable Runway Beam Trolleys ready for shipment. Please ask your Lift-It sales representative any questions you may have regarding our line of plate clamps.