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AWEA O&M and Safety Conference

AWEA O&M and Safety Conference

Why shovel snow when you could attend not just the AWEA O&M and Safety Conference, BUT the pre-conference activities in San Diego, California?

The AWEA Operations & Maintenance and Safety Conference is scheduled for

Feb. 27- March 1 , 2017. The wind industry will come together to recognize unique challenges and identify solutions in improving operations, maintenance and safety.

Consider extending your tour of duty by enrolling in the AWEA O&M and Safety

Pre-Conference which features Sling and Rigging Training  presented by Lift-It Manufacturing on Feb. 27th, 2017. 

Two important reasons why you should enroll and attend:
1) Gravity ALWAYS works.
2) Dropped loads KILL, INJURE and/or DESTROY property.

Generally a chain of mistakes combine to form a cumulative outcome known as an accident. The interactive training presented on Feb. 27, 2017 will explore many of the ingredients necessary for successful load handling activities and will also offer various alternatives to mitigate detrimental contributory factors.

Participants are tested and receive a certificate issued by Lifting Equipment and Engineers Association (LEEA) a prestigious international organization that provides training and also accredited the Sling & Rigging training you will attend.

In addition, participants will receive many valuable deliverables including: 500 Page Rigging Resource Guide, Rigger’s Handbook, Rigger Reference Card and a Sling Angle Protractor.

The program will be presented by Michael Gelskey, Sr. and Mike Gelskey, Jr.,who guarantee this will be one of, if not the best sling and rigging training you have experienced.

Don’t think this training is right for you? Click here to test your skills.

Please visit the AWEA website or click here to register for the Lift-It Pre-Conference activity!


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