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Extra Large Industrial Cargo Net goes to Refinery

Lift-It Manufacturing, a leading supplier of slings and rigging, has once again achieved a production milestone, supplying its largest cargo net to date.

Lift-It’s latest and largest cargo net. Previously, the company’s largest heavy-duty cargo nets measured 25 feet by 25 feet, and were used to lift a 50,000-pound artifact in the Hawaiian Islands. More recently, a refinery in Trinidad and Tobago presented Lift-It’s experts with an even more substantial challenge: a 34-foot by 34-foot Barrier Net which, when completed, included 29 pounds of thread! The company also provided tie-down assemblies for the Orion Lunar Mission. The tie-down assemblies featured high-performance webbing and supported the inflatable bags that absorbed the impact of the landing. To receive Lift-It’s new 500-page Resource Guide and view the details of upcoming training opportunities and other custom-designed products, visit

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