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Gas Cylinder Cradles-Educational Series

Gas Cylinder Cradles-Educational Series

Today we will explore Gas Cylinder Cradles, their construction and use. Gas Cylinders are heavy-walled metal cylinders designed to store compressed gases. The hazards associated with these gases include unplanned displacement, explosion, chemical release and other consequences resulting from cylinder damage. For these reasons lifting and transporting compressed cylinders can have extremely dangerous consequences due to cylinder shape and lack of lifting points. Rolling cylinders on their sides, dragging them, or lifting by the valve cap can be dangerous and is certainly not efficient. The first step in considering how to handle Compressed Gas Cylinders is to determine the diameter and height of the cylinder. This will enable the proper selection of the appropriate gas cylinder cradle. There are several options when choosing a gas cylinder handling device. The light weight and affordable synthetic Gas Cylinder Cradles manufactured by Lift-It are certainly a preferred and proven method.

Lift-It Gas Cylinder Cradles are made from polyester webbing and are rated at a 1,000 Lbs. Work Load Limit. They feature a buffered Lifting eye, bottle neck loop, forged rectangles for size adjustment, legs that encapsulate cylinder and a double ply leather lined cradle with abrasion pads. The cylinder base rests securely in a leather lined, nylon cradle, while the bottleneck loop presses against the cylinder neck, securely holding the cylinder. The tightening band unitizes the cylinder to the assembly legs making transportation easy and efficient. If you’re looking to tandem lift bottles for welding, Not a problem! Our model number CG 20A gets the job done, accommodating a 9 inch diameter oxygen bottle 46” to 54” high and a 13” diameter Acetylene bottle 38”-46” high. Lastly, stock number, CG 30A is designed to lift single ammonia bottles with diameters ranging from 13” to 16” and a height of 40”-54”.

If your cylinder is outside of the standard dimensions, then custom Cylinder Cradles are readily available. All we would need to start production is the following dimensions from the chart diagram on page 71 of the Lift-It Resource Guide. -Cylinder Diameter -Base to Shoulder measurement -Neck Diameter -Shoulder to lifting eye. (Headroom measurement) Do not directly expose Gas Cylinder Cradles to weld spatter and sparks. Protective measures must be taken to ensure that melting and damage does not occur. Also ensure that the webbing is not degraded by exposure to ultraviolet rays. Conclusion: Lift-It Sales representatives are ready, willing and able to answer any questions. Call us at 909.469-2251. Also, remember to visit us a and request your copy of our 500 page rigging resource guide, available in either printed or electronic versions. And if you really want to maximize and leverage your sling and rigging knowledge after watching this video check out our many different training opportunities available at the Lift-It Learning Center. These same programs are available as an on-site option. Take care and until next time, remember, rig right to go home at night!

All products provide by Lift-It Manufacturing are sold with the express understanding that the purchaser and user are thoroughly familiar with the safe and proper use and application of the product. The user is responsible for proper use and application as detailed in all applicable standards and regulations. Use of slings and sling protection by untrained persons is hazardous. It is important that sling users be thoroughly familiar with the manufacturer’s recommendations and safety information that accompany our products.

This video does not provide you with all the information you need to know in order to be considered trained and knowledgeable about sling protection and rigging. Remember, when it comes to using slings and/or sling protection, lack of skill, knowledge and care can result in severe injury or death. Gas Cylinder Cradles

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