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Have the right perspective for red core yarns in web slings

Many web sling manufacturers have referred to Red Core Yarns as Red Core “WARNING” yarns. The red core “WARNING” yarns should simply be referred to as Red Core Yarns.

“Warning” should be omitted as there is a false sense of security and an unreasonable emphasis placed on the red core yarns by uneducated sling users and inspectors.   Red Core Yarns are not a viable inspection device. By the time the red core yarns become visible; the sling should be rejected and removed from service.

Lift-It Manufacturing utilizes webbing with red core yarns to fabricate our web slings.  Some manufacturers do not use sling webbing with red core yarns and use commercial equivalents of “Mil-Spec” or tie down webbing that does not employ red core yarns. All slings should be fabricated from sling webbing, not tie down webbing. ASME B30.9-Chapter 5- Web Slings stipulates the use of sling webbing for slings and references the Web Sling and Tie Down Association, Recommended Standard Specification, Webbing for Synthetic Web Slings, WSTDA-WB-1.

It is important that sling fabricators and safety professionals put the proper emphasis on the red yarns. In our Resource Guide, warning sheets and warning tags, the red core yarns are listed, but are placed at the end of the removal from service criteria.

Too much emphasis is put on the singular importance of the red core yarns in the inspection process. How many seasoned sling users can repeat the limerick that unfortunately is a part of our safety culture, “If I see red, I’m going to be dead”?  So the reverse logic, “If I don’t see red, I get to go home and watch “Dancing with the Stars” makes sense?

When taken in isolation red core yarns will not serve the user or the rigging industry well. We have always instructed responsible sling users and inspectors that if the red core yarns are visible do not use the sling. However, slings can become extremely dirty, making red core yarns difficult to see.  Serious damage can also be present without red core yarns being visible. Our advice has always been, if there is damage WITHOUT the red core yarns visible, DO NOT USE THE SLING.

Safety and training professionals MUST send out the correct message by providing the proper perspective on red core yarns. Students must not leave a training session with the idea that all they need to look for and be aware of are red core yarns. Get your mind right and visit our web site and obtain additional information on the right perspective to have when it comes to sling webbing vs. tie down webbing and the overrated value placed on red core yarns.

Mike Gelskey, Sr.

CEO-Lift-It Mfg.

Damaged Lifting Sling

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