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Lift-It Manufacturing Co. Inc., president, Mike Gelskey Jr., featured in the latest issue of Rotorhub International

“We base everything we are working on on the conversations we have with our customers. If they are looking for a more durable cover, we’ll find a way to make it.”

Mike Gelskey, President, Lift-It

When it comes to long line work, be it construction or firefighting, the temptation is to think about what’s at either end of the line – because a rope is just a rope, right? Wrong, as Gideon Ewers discovers.

Historically, revolutionized long aerial line operations work, giving helicopters a much greater versatility in terms of the number and type of payloads they can carry.

As with much of the helicopter industry, long line operations can be traced to Igor Sikorsky’s pioneering work back in the late 1930s, but it wasn’t until the advent of the Bell 47 that long line external load operations became commercially practical.

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