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Red Core "Safety" Yarns-China Sling Alert

We sent information relative to the China Sling alert and the deceptive practices many of you
have been subjected to. The image of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic should have struck a cord.

Already false statements about the alert are being made. The alert has to do with WEB slings. The fact that a WEB sling does or does not contain red core yarns does not determine the country of origin. Roundslings without red tracer yarns are not necessarily import.WHEN YOU DEAL WITH ETHICAL MANUFACTURERS THAT UNDERSTAND AND COMPLY WITH THE FEDERAL LABELING REQUIREMENTS, YOU CAN DETERMINE THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN BY LOOKING AT THE REQUIRED MARKING.

Our Rigging Resource Guide includes information as a basis for a proper understanding of Red Core Yarns, NOT Red Core “Safety” Yarns. If you do not have our 500 page, Rigging Resource Guide, please contact us and it will be sent.
Consider training sling users, safety and training professionals by enrolling them in the upcoming events at our Pomona, CA Learning Center.
Details for our Learning Center events and on site training can be found at
Sling users should not leave ANY training session with the impression that if they see red, they’re going to be dead.
Don’t wait until it’s too late, take corrective action, NOW!
Michael J. Gelskey, Sr.
Chief Executive Officer

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