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International Rigging Safety Training provided by Lift-It Mfg.



Michael J. Gelskey, Chief Executive Officer, Lift-It Manufacturing Co., Inc. presented two workshops for the EPRI 2013 Generation European Workshop in Rome, Italy. Mr. Gelskey presented an early morning session titled, Rigging for Success and another session in the afternoon that detailed Industry, Association and Regulatory Updates from the American rigging perspective.

Delegates from four continents attended the presentations and were enthused and extremely complimentary in their post conference evaluations.  Mr. Gelskey remarked, “Thankfully, the attendees were far more advanced in their language skills than most of my United States students as the majority of the European attendees are bi-lingual.”

The one resounding comment that was received from the participants of both sessions was the passion Mike Gelskey has in presenting topics that will enable the attendees to make a difference in the lives of those they are tasked with protecting.  Gelskey comments, “Long before it was fashionable or profitable, I would travel anywhere at my own expense to present sling and rigging training for anyone that would have me. Now, training is very much in vogue.  My goal has always been to inspire and help my students leave with a new found perspective on the direct correlation that exists between rigging right and going home at night.”

The first of many international presentations, Mr. Gelskey will follow up the European presentations with on site, sling and rigging training in the Dominican Republic and Australia. Gelskey remarks, “Translation services will be necessary for my students in the Dominican Republic and what would normally be an eight hour presentation will end up being a 20 hour presentation over two days. “

Lift-It Manufacturing Co., Inc. provides quality rigging to discriminating sling and rigging customers throughout the world and now offers on-site, international training.  Monthly events are presented at the Lift-it Learning Center in Pomona, CA.  Contact Michelle Brown, Conference Coordinator at 909.469-2251 or view the details at

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