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Effects of "Minor" Edge Damage

Four, identical, single ply slings were fabricated from a single roll of webbing. All independent variables were controlled, as the same thread, machine and fabricator were used for this experiment. The slings (EE1-903) are rated at 4800 Lbs. vertical and we would expect 24,000 Lbs. break strength. The slings were pulled to destruction. The control sling broke at 26,050 Lbs. The other three slings were deliberately cut on one edge to simulate: 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch cuts. This seemingly “minor” damage resulted in very significant strength loss.

“Minor” damage is extremely serious and damaged slings must be removed from service, immediately and not used for other applications. Remember, there is ZERO tolerance for sling damage. Be pro-active and prevent sling damage from occurring by employing suitable Sling Protection.

Control Break - 26,050 LBS.   1/8th" Cut - 22,150 LBS.
1/4" Cut - 18,090 LBS.   3/8th" Cut - 15,480 LBS.