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Unifixx Original One-Way Lashing System

Unifixx One-Way Lashing is woven from polyester yarns. Unifixx is easy to use in many different applications and offers varying Work Load Limits to meet your needs.


Unifixx is designed for a single use and cannot be reused.


Unifixx is easy to use and provides secure and economical transport without damage. Satisfied Unifixx customers include: Export Packers, Stevedores, Harbor Terminals, Industrial Movers, Transportation and Logistic Firms, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Military Users and Material Distribution Facilities.


Lashing that is not perpendicular to the load is subject to increased loading and tension.
If you are not qualified to determine strength requirements and the number of lashings to use, consult with a competent person. Use by untrained persons can result in severe personal injury or death. Lashing must be protected from damaging edges and surfaces by materials of sufficient strength, thickness and construction.