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4" Wide CornerMax® Velcro Pads

Manufacturer: Lift-It
CornerMax® Velcro Pads are an ideal solution to protect slings from cutting when it is not practical to use protection that is based upon full, 90º, corner contact.
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Fabrication Time: 3-5 days
Made in the USA

CornerMax® Velcro Pads are an ideal solution to protect slings from cutting when it is not practical to use protection that is based upon full, 90º, corner contact. CornerMax® Sleeves conform to the curvature of the load and are manufactured from "high tech" fibers. CornerMax® Velcro Pads have been tested in independent laboratory and field applications and have proven to be extremely cut resistant.

Inspect the sling and sleeve before each use.

 Do Not Use if Red Yarn is Visible in CornerMax® Velcro Pads

CMWP-SL-V-2.5 2.50" 25,000 Lbs. Not to exceed - 1"
CMWP-SL-V-4 4" 25,000 Lbs. Not to exceed -   3"
CMWP-SL-V-6 6" 25,000 Lbs. Not to exceed - 5"
CMWP-SL-V-8 8" 25,000 Lbs. Not to exceed -   6"
CMWP-SL-V-10 10" 25,000 Lbs. Not to exceed - 8"
CMWP-SL-V-12 12" 25,000 Lbs. Not to exceed -   10"
CMWP-SL-V-14 14" 25,000 Lbs. Not to exceed - 12"
CMWP-SL-V-16 16" 25,000 Lbs. Not   to exceed - 14"
All goods are custom made and Non-returnable. Any return must be negotiated, include a return authorization number and will be subject to a restocking fee.


Products made and/or supplied by Lift-It® Manufacturing can expose you to chemicals including Chromium, Formaldehyde, Cadmium, Lead, Lead based compounds DEHP, Nickel, Nickel compounds, Acrylamide, Crystalline Silica, Triethanolamine, N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to:

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Products specifications
Made in USA Yes
Width (inches) 4"
Products specifications
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Product Resource Product Spec Sling Protection
Product Resource Product Spec Safety Bulletin-English
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Product Resource Product Spec Coil Handler Info-English
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Product Resource Product Spec Sleeve Safety Information
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Reversed Eye slings are nylon web slings which feature sling eyes and body that are covered by Bulked Nylon, also referred to as Cordura®, wear pads. Bulked Nylon wear pad material is four times more abrasion resistant than webbing used in regular nylon lifting slings, but provides no protection against cutting. The Reversed Eye lift strap is also referred to as a Return Eye sling. Since the body of Reversed Eye slings is based upon an endless sling design, the web strap eye is one half the overall body width. The sling eye can further be reduced by tapering the sling eye before installing the Cordura® wear pads on each side of the sling body. When you receive the Reversed Eye sling, the sling capacity tag is on the side OPPOSITE the working face or load contact surface of the sling. Responsible sling users in the sling, rigging and material handling industries always inspect the sling before each use. When abrasion is detected that does not penetrate into the load bearing sling webbing the sling user can rotate or “reverse” the sling eyes, which also provides a new bearing surface on the sling body. The bearing points of Reversed Eye hoisting sling-Standard (Type 6) eyes are 90° to the web sling body. The perpendicular relationship between the eye and body in a Reversed Eye lifting sling-Standard (Type 6) results in a better choke hitch, when compared to the Reversed Eye hoisting sling-Flat (Type 7). The Reversed Eye sling-Flat (Type 7) body is turned 180°, forming an eye, in the same plane as the sling body. The type 7 or flat Reverse Eye web sling is not frequently made, but provides a lower profile lifting sling for removal when space is limited. Type 6 and Type 7 Reversed Eye web slings can be used in choker, vertical or basket hitches. Standard widths for Reversed eye nylon web slings range from 2 inches to 6 inches. On request we can manufacture 8, 10 and 12 inch wide Reverse Eye lifting slings. Stock numbers for Reverse Eye slings do not reflect the overall sling width, but refer to the width of the component webbing, laid side by side to form up the body of the Reversed Eye lifting strap. An example would be, RE2-902 which would be the call out for a Reversed Eye web sling that is made from heavy duty nylon sling material (9800 Lbs. unsewn tensile strength- Class 7), 2 inches wide and two ply thick. The 2 inch material is sewn into an endless web sling configuration with the strands of the endless set side by side. After the eye buffers have been sewn to each side of the sling eye, 4 inch material is used to finish the fabrication of the nylon lifting sling. Sometimes it’s a hard sell to convince sling users that it is a better investment to spend more for a Reversed Eye sling. Reversed Eye web slings are roughly twice the price of an equivalent strength Eye and Eye sling. The combination of wear resistant materials, coupled with the ability to change out the bearing surfaces on the sling eyes and bodies make the Reversed Eye hoisting strap, the nylon sling of choice for professionals in the heavy duty sling, rigging and crane industries. If a 200% load test is required on your slings please contact our sales team prior to ordering, 909-469-2251.