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    Hydraulic Pad Eye Tester

    Hydraulic Pad Eye Testers for Sale

    Hydraulic Pad Eye Testers from Lift-It Manufacturing Company, Inc.

    We have Hydraulic Pad Eye Testers in stock that are ready for immediate shipment. Please contact your Lift-It sales representative at 909-469-2251 for all of your Hydraulic Pad Eye Testers requirements. “When Only The Best Is Good Enough”, think of us!


    Slingmax® Hydraulic Pad Eye Tester

    Pre use testing of hardware, slings and hoists is a common practice. Unfortunately, testing the anchorage points for rigging or fall prevention system is often overlooked. The need for the Hydraulic Pad Eye Tester came about after a conversation with riggers in a shipyard.

    Hydraulic Pad Eye Tester

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