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Cargo Nets-Their construction and use

Cargo Nets-Their construction and use

Today we will explore cargo nets, their construction and use.
Cargo nets originally were named for their use in transferring cargo to and from ships but today they are used for a much wider variety of Lifting applications, in particular for vertical lifting of irregular and odd shaped loads, retrieval, load securement, barrier netting and even obstacle courses.
The first step in selecting a net is to know the application and what material would be best suited for your particular application. There are many different types of materials available but the best and most common are flat webbing and rope cordage.

Let’s explore webbing nets, web cargo nets are considerably more flexible, lightweight and compact than wire or manila rope nets and are readily available in sizes, not limited to, but ranging from 4’ x 4’ to 20’ x 20’. These sizes allow the nets to function properly in vertical lifting applications, all nets must be square to encapsulate the load. This is what we like to call the “Apple in the Handkerchief effect”.

Rectangular nets used for cargo handling will not properly encapsulate the load or distribute it over vertical and horizontal strength members within the net body. To ensure your net is the accurate size know the dimensions of your load before selecting a net as this will play a critical role in selecting the size you will need.
Our standard web nets are rated at 4,500 lbs and feature Alloy pear links in each of the four corners, this ensures a hard connection point while minimizing wear.

If lifting in a critical area were metal components are not preferred we can fabricate soft eyes, as seen in this photo.
Our web nets are available in commercial grade and Military specification grade and meet the Department of Defense specification Mil-S-18313G. Both have a mesh opening size of approximately 6.25 inches square.

We do offer custom sizes if desired as we like to say nets can be made mild to wild and no net is too big or too small. To date the largest net we have made had a working load capacity that exceed 100,000 lbs.!

To learn more about cargo nets head on over to the Lift-It You Tube channel and watch our newest video.

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