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Competent Sling & Rigging Hardware Inspector

 I thought it was 3 strikes, you’re out?

A one strike, you’re out rule would result in a catastrophic outcome if your team was down by 1, bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th and it was game seven of the world series.56

Thankfully the rules for baseball are different than the rules for sling inspection, but many don’t see it that way.

 The use of damaged slings and rigging equipment results in catastrophic  events that could play out if this gear is not inspected by informed and educated educated sling inspectors. There is zero tolerance for defects for synthetic slings.

 Make the investment to enroll your inspector and provide education in proper sling inspection systems, techniques and removal from service criteria. If you don’t have a designated inspector, now is the time to act!

 Stay ahead of the curve ball and win not just the game,  but the world series when it comes to your people going home to their loved ones each and every night.

 Register for the November 12 & 13 “Competent Sling & Rigging Hardware Inspector” class today and receive  a 15% discount by mentioning this special promotion.

 Further details can be found on our website or click here to register now!

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