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    Got Sling Protection?

    What type of idiots would spend thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars JUST to develop Guides for the proper use of Sling Protection? We, the Lift-It Lunatics would be those idiots.

    Some sophisticated organizations and supposedly knowledgeable and reputable sling fabricators just don’t get it! Paper thin, “sling protection” is sold with no warnings. If used properly those specific devices will provide protection from abrasion but WILL NOT prevent damage to slings from cutting.

    Sling users in highly critical and scrutinized material handling operations continue to use what is described in “incident” reports as inadequate “softeners”.

    If you are interested in receiving the soon to be published Guides for Sling Protection, contact us at to receive the information as soon as the ink dries.

    If you are interested in training your personnel to properly use protection, enroll in the upcoming training offered at the Lift-It Learning Center or bring the training to your location.

    Sling protection has been a passion of ours for thirty-seven years. We have NEVER done a presentation without addressing sling protection.

    The correct perspective on sling protection combined with keeping your people out of not only the “fall” zone, but the “strike” zone will save lives. Gravity always works and the unplanned release of tension resulting in deadly recoil and/or impact force will INJURE or KILL.

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