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Lift-It Mfg. Co. CEO, Mike Gelskey, Sr. speaks at Canadian Crane and Rigging Conference

Mike Gelskey, Sr., Chief Executive Officer, Lift-It Manufacturing presented on September 13th and 14th at the 2012 Canadian Crane and Rigging Conference, sponsored by Maximum Capacity Media  in Edmonton, Canada. Mr. Gelskey presented a Management and Safety Overview of Regulatory, Industry and Association Developments in the sling and rigging industry. Pertinent OSHA changes requiring tags for wire rope slings and shackle markings, as well as CFR1926.1400, subpart cc, training requirements for riggers in the fall zone were presented. Upcoming changes in the ASME B30.9 Sling Safety Standard for slings were also highlighted. The most notable changes are the removal of all capacity tables from the volume establishing the primacy of the information on the sling tag. In addition, the need for competent rigging and sling hardware inspection will also be a new area of responsibility addressed in the new, 2013 volume. Developments from the Web Sing and Tie Down Association (WSTDA) were covered by Gelskey, who served as president of the association for the past three years.  The Web Sling Technical Committee has made significant progress in the review of the 2013 Recommended Standard Specification for Web Slings (WS-1). The Roundsling Technical Committee is also developing a Recommended Standard Specification for High Performance Roundslings. The second presentation focused on Synthetic Sling Inspection.  Gelskey covered inspection systems, techniques, removal from service criteria and recordkeeping requirements. Ten exhibits were available for examination and volunteers opined on the condition of the slings from the perspective that the sling was either fit for use or should be removed from service.  Not all exhibits were damaged.  The opinions were sometimes not correct. Gelskey had presented at the inaugural 2011 Canadian Crane and Rigging Conference and has been contacted to present at the upcoming 2013 event.  

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