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Sling and Rigging Hardware Inspection Program

OPPD-Ft. Calhoun Walks the Talk!
I meet many different people and everyone says that they will contact me for training.
Some of the same folks I have seen no less than nine times in so many years keep on repeating the same
old line.  There are thinkers, talkers and people who take action.
The safety professionals at OPPD-Ft. Calhoun have spent more time,money and resources than any single generator of power that we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. This summer we will present another Sling and Rigging Hardware Inspection Program on location for them.
Everyone says they’ll do something before bad things happen to good people.  Others may think,want and desire to do something and then there are those who analyze, evaluate, identify the gap and take action to bridge the gap.  Contact us.  Have slings, do travel!
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