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    Van Beest Rigging Hardware Master Distributor

    Van Beest Rigging Hardware Master Distributor

    We are honored to announce the collaboration between Van Beest and Lift-It® Manufacturing.

    Lift-It® is the west coast, master distributor for Van Beest. Without substituting quality for cost, the Green Pin® brand has earned a reputation as an industry leader in design and quality standards. Compliant with a wide range of internationally and nationally recognized standards such as RR-C-271, all Van Beest products carry a “metric” or long ton rating.

    What does all this mean? Lower cost, extremely short lead times and great quality! We carry a range of sizes and different types of rigging hardware listed below:
    • 1/2″- 3-1/2″ – 120 Ton Bolt Type Shackles
    • 1/4″ – 2-1/2″ – 55 Ton Screw Pin Shackles
    • 40 – 200 Ton Wide Body Shackles
    • 2 ½”-2 ¾” Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckles
    Call today and your order ships the same day!

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