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Fall Prevention Equipment


Lift-It® Manufacturing stocks and distributes the finest fall protection equipment from the recognized, industry leader, Capital Safety, manufacturer of the two leading brands DBI-SALA and PROTECTA. DBI-SALA offers the ultimate in fall protection for any environment, supported by a commitment to excellence and innovation. PROTECTA offers fundamental fall protection at an exceptional value, back up by a commitment to quality, reliability and economy. The combination of the two brands gives access to the broadest range of products and value available. ISO certification drives superior products, manufactured and engineered to meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards. Most items are in stock at competitive prices.


The ABC's of Fall Prevention

DBI-SALA and PROTECTA offer a complete array of passive and active Fall Arrest Systems. The basics of every personal Fall Arrest System can be described as the ABC’s of Fall Arrest.


Conscientious inspection of Fall Protection Equipment is essential to ensure proper product performance and the safety of the user.

  1. Equipment should be inspected by the user before
    each use.
  2. A formal inspection should be performed annually by a
    competent person.
  3. After fall arrest, equipment shall not be used again,
    until inspected and determined by a competent person
    to be undamaged and suitable for reuse. Some items
    require factory verification.
  4. RECORDKEEPING: Inspections should be recorded
    in a centralized logbook and should include: date of
    purchase, date of inspection, serial number, any service or maintenance performed and the signature of the inspector.

HARDWARE: Check all hardware components for damage
such as: Distortion, Corrosion, Burrs, Cracks and Worn
Parts. Moving parts should move freely.

WEBBING: Inspect webbing for: Frays, Cuts, Broken
Fibers, Tears, Abrasion, Mold, Burns, UV Degradation,
Heavy Soiling and Discoloration. Inspect all Stitching for
Snags, Cut or Broken Stitches.

WIRE AND SYNTHETIC ROPE: Inspect for: Cuts, Kinks,
Broken Strands, Abrasions, Corrosion or Chemical Contact.

ACCESSORIES: All Pads and Keepers should be in place and free of Cuts or Cracks. Inspect Impact Indicators if present.

LABELS: All Labels must be present and legible.

If inspection or operation reveals damage, remove the product immediately from service, destroy it or send it to an authorized service center for evaluation.


Most webbing and hardware can be washed with mild soap and detergent, using water and a rag to remove excess grease, dirt or grime. The equipment should be allowed to air dry, out of direct sunlight. Do not machine wash to clean Fall Protection Equipment. Some hardware may require lubrication; however any hardware that comes into contact with webbing should be free from grease or solvents. Service and maintenance should only be performed by Factory Authorized Service Centers.

Equipment should be stored in a cool, dry, dark location that is free from environmental and mechanical damage. Protective bags should be used for storage.


Swing Falls occur when the anchorage point is not directly
above where the fall occurs.

Self Retracting Lifelines provide greater mobility than lanyards, but also increase the opportunity for swing falls. Minimize Swing Falls by working as close as practical, below the anchorage point. Please refer to the chart.

The force of striking an object, as a result of this
“pendulum” effect may cause serious injury or death.
Objects striking lifelines may result in serious injury or death.

Read and understand the information in our
catalog and instructions supplied with all equipment.

When setting up and using a Personal Fall Arrest System,
clearance and swing fall hazards are critical issues. There must be sufficient clearance below to prevent the user from striking the ground or other objects. This determination must be made by the user. Please refer to the chart.

Lack of planning or understanding can lead to
serious personal injury or death.

DBI-SALA Training & Consulting

Conscientious inspection of Fall Protection Equipment is essential to ensure proper product performance and the safety of the user.

We recognize that our commitment to the serious field of fall protection means that every product we sell must meet or exceed the toughest standards. We and the users of our products must also know that even the best equipment must be used correctly. This is why we recommend our training division which devotes critical care and attention to your safety.

The key to effective fall protection training is practical, hands-on experience. We offer a full range of fall protection and industrial rescue courses on-site or at one of the four state-of-the-art training centers located in North America.


On-site courses apply professional training to your specific daily work activities. Courses at the training centers provide controlled environments uniquely designed to offer practical experience with: scaffolding, fixed ladders, towers, sloped roofs, rebar and climbing walls, elevated catwalks, I-beams and confined spaces.





Class Population

Learning Objectives

Open Enrollment

Site Specific

Authorized Person

4 hours

Users that work at heights are trained on specific products supplied by the employers.

Complies with OSHA and ANSI regulations for an authorized person.



Confined Space

2 days

Workers who use a single, pre-engineered and pre-installed fall protection system.

Provides the skills and theory necessary for that single system.



Competent Rescuer

4 hours

Users who will/may be involved in the rescue of a co-worker from within a confined space.

Provides the skills necessary for both team development and establishment of peer rescue programs. Competent Person training is a required prerequisite.



Competent Person

2.5 days

Supervisors of authorized users who implement and monitor a managed fall protection program.

Development of the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the requirements for a competent person as defined by OSHA and ANSI.



Competent Person

1 day

Pre-requisite is Competent Person. For those who

need refresher training under ANSI.

Meets requirements of ANSI for refresher training as a competent person.




2 days

Users who are required to climb

and work on towers or specific sites and individuals responsible for rescue methods.

Skills to properly protect oneself when working on towers and while performing a rescue on the tower or specific site.




4 days

Persons responsible for the development and assignment of duties and responsibilities of individuals qualified to meet the needs of their program.

Learn the skills necessary to implement and develop a comprehensive managed fall protection program.



Qualified Person

5 days

Engineers charged with the design and setup of engineered fall protection systems.

Details the technical requirements to design engineered systems.



Competent Person

5 days

Persons responsible for the training of all authorized users and competent persons at a specific site or location.

Advanced training in fall protection regulations, standards, equipment and systems.



Competent Rescuer

4 days

Individuals interested in training

competent rescuers. Shall have the ability to evaluate the rescue and fall protection knowledge of a competent rescuer.

Advanced training in fall protection rescue standards, equipment and techniques.



Custom Courses
If standard courses don’t fit your needs, DBI-SALA will customize courses for your organization and your site specific requirements.

Specialty Courses
In addition to the basic courses, our fall protection experts have developed specialty courses designed for a particular trade or industry work requirements. These include: Confined Space Entry and Retrieval, Oilfield Rig Workers Awareness, Rig Rescue, Tower Climbing/Rescue and more.

DBI-SALA Demonstration Vehicles Bring Vital Training to Your Workforce
DBI-SALA helps protect your workers by bringing its expertise and training right to your site. Workers, worldwide enjoy the experience of our hands-on demonstrations of DBI-SALA and PROTECTA fall arrest, restraint and rescue equipment. Our Mobile Vehicle demonstrations show drop tests, featuring force measuring instruments to demonstrate arresting forces users would experience during a fall. The presentation provides an excellent introduction to fall protection.

Expert Consulting to Minimize Risk and Maximize Protection
When preparing for a new project site or an existing one, DBI-SALA Consulting Services provide early identification of fall protection hazards and provide solutions to minimize the risks and programs to implement training and inspection.

DBI-SALA Expert Consulting Services include:

  • Site Surveys
  • Manual and Training Development
  • Equipment Inspection
  • Fall Protection Program Development
Training Tools Provide Fall Protection Basics

As part of the ongoing DBI-SALA commitment to improving on-the-job safety, our experts have developed a booklet and media presentation giving a fall protection overview that serves as the foundation of an effective fall protection program. Available in English or Spanish.

Thinking about Fall Protection
The 20-page booklet,
Thinking about Fall Protection includes:

  • Fall Protection Terminology
  • Fall Prevention Types
  • Fall Arrest Systems
  • Calculating Fall Clearance
  • Swing Fall Hazards
  • Equipment Inspection and Maintenance
  • 8-Step Fall Protection Plan
  • Understanding Fall Protection Applications
  • Harness Sizing and Donning
  • Compatibility of Connectors
  • Training, Regulations and Standards

On Video or DVD

The 20-minute presentation includes many of the same topics as the booklet, “Thinking about Fall Prevention” and also has an in-depth review of the ABC’s of fall protection.

  • Booklet – English (Stock No. 9700041)
  • Booklet – Spanish (Stock No. 9700068)
  • Video – VHS (Stock No. 9700070)
  • Video – DVD (Stock No. 9700071)
  • Training from the top professionals and technicians in the industry.
  • Backed by decades of company experience.
  • State-of-the-art training facilities.
  • Sample and experience the broadest fall protection equipment line in the industry.
  • Easy-to-understand training manuals.
  • Bilingual or all-Spanish Instruction is available.

For additional details on DBI-SALA training programs, customized site specific training and specialty courses, please contact us!