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For the Wind Industry


Lift-It® product specialists worked with the pioneers of the American Wind Industry to develop a sling handling system to replace heavy and damage inflicting, chain slings. Initially, our Synthetic Sling System was used in the manufacturing of wind turbines; High Performance Fiber, Twin-Path® Slings are now used extensively for field installation and maintenance operations. Level, non-damaging handling is achieved through precision sling lengths. Sling longevity is enhanced by special, sling protection at the connection points. These factors, combined with stellar service have made the Lift-It® Synthetic Sling System the standard for the industry. Whether you are handling 60 or 300 ton turbines, we have a Synthetic Sling System for your application. Complete Handling Systems are readily available. Existing beams can be modified to accept the improved, Lift-It® Synthetic Sling System.


ADB, a leading manufacturer of Engineered Swivel Hoist Rings recognized the need to develop a handling system specifically for the erection of wind towers. Top and Bottom Tower Placement Rings make the Wind-Worker™ Tower Placement System “a breeze” to use as they eliminate sling binding and fit most towers. See pages 249-255 for Important Safety, Use and Inspection Information.

1-3/4" Stud Assembly


Customized Upon Request

For 36 mm holes use 1-1/2” socket head cap screws.
For 45 mm holes use 1-3/4” stepped studs as shown in the example, below.


Wind-Worker™ Tower Tools are designed to fit bolt patterns that are 11-3/4 to 16 in. (center-to-center). Custom sizes are available on request.

Different Stages of the Lift


Loading and Unloading

The following illustrations depict the tower and tools at varying stages of the lift.

Note: The slings are positioned so they do not overlap.


For loading and unloading operations it is necessary to install both Top and Bottom Lifting Tools to avoid overlapping the slings.



Install Top Lifting Tools at the following positions: 10.5, 1.5, 4.5 and 8.5 O’clock.
Install Bottom Tools at the following positions: 10.5 and
1.5 O’clock.

Always install a bolt or stud through a drilled hole before installation through the slotted side. This will keep the tool from sliding back and forth in the slot.

Do not put fingers in holes or slots, under any circumstance. For aligning holes, ADB® recommends the use of a locating pin or similar tool.