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Harrington Hoist Warning Information




The “definitive” source documents for hoist safety are ANSI/ASME standards B30.16 and B30.21 and publications available from HMI. To obtain copies of these documents, contact ASME at 800-843-2763 or visit HMI can be reached at 704-676-1190 or at

The operation of a hoist involves more than activating its controls. As stated in the ANSI/ASME B30 standards, the use of a hoist is subject to certain hazards that cannot be mitigated by engineered features, but only by the exercise of: intelligence, care, common sense and experience in anticipating the effects and results of activating the hoist’s controls. Use this guidance in conjunction with the warnings, cautions and safety instructions sent out in the Owner’s Manual supplied with the hoist. This governs how you operate and use your hoist. If a replacement Owner’s Manual is needed, contact Harrington Hoists, Inc. at 800-233-3010.



: A pointing out and notice of danger. The purpose of a “warning” is to apprise operators and all other affected persons of the existence of danger of which they should be, but may not be aware of; and to enable operators to protect themselves and others, where applicable, against such danger. An attempt is made herein to warn against reasonable and reasonably foreseeable danger in the proper use and possible misuse of Harrington products.