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LUG-ALL® Web Strap Pullers

The Right Hook for Any Application

(A)- Standard Latching Hook
Forged alloy steel hooks for strength and durability. Latches are standard.

(U)- Swivel Gate Hook
Hook latch revolves on hook shank and locks under spring tensions in open or closed position.

(B)- Hot Stick Ring with Standard
Latching Hook

Hot stick hooks have a welded ring
(1ā€ diameter) and standard latches for use with approved hot stick tools.


(HB)- Hot Stick Ring with Hot Stick Hook Latch
Hot Stick Hook Latch models have rings on the hook and latch for use on energized lines. Latch and hook can be easily maneuvered when using approved
hot stick tools.

(UB)- Swivel Gate Hook with Hot Stick Ring
Offers the same revolving and locking hook shank features as the standard, ā€œUā€ Swivel Gate Hook, but incorporates a welded Hot Stick Ring (1ā€ diameter).

Breakable Stress Link

LUG-ALL Web Strap Pullers feature a breakable Stress Link next to the Overload Link. The Stress Link snaps when the hoist is overloaded warning the user to back off the load before injury or damage occurs. The Overload Link has elongated holes which allow enough movement for the Stress Link to snap, while still holding the Handle Socket Assembly together.

The Stress Link must be replaced immediately.

Medium Frame Conversion Kit

Older Style LUG-ALL Medium Frame Web Strap Hoists (manufactured prior to 2009, with eye bolt at the bottom of the main frame) can easily be converted to take advantage of all the benefits of the newer convertible hoists.

All standard conversion kits include a lynch pin and shaft, convertible bracket and hex bolt assembly.

Please Note: All Pulley Blocks supplied after 9/08 are convertible.
Hoists purchased prior to 9/08 may require a new Pulley Block or Web Strap.
Small Frame Models (Stock No. 2C) have a completely new frame with cast bracket.