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LUG-ALL® Web Strap Pullers Warning


LUG-ALL Web Strap Pullers have one-hand portability and are simple to use in most positions. The Replaceable Stress Link is a critical overload warning, allowing the operator to back off the load before injury or damage occur. Winch Hoists with Hot Stick Rings eliminate direct contact with hoists. Six rings (1 Inch Diameter) on the hooks, handle and pawl shafts allow linemen to position hoists using approved hot sticks. Experienced linemen choose LUG-ALL.


The use of web strap hoists on or around energized lines may result in serious
injury or death.

LUG-ALL Web Strap Pullers may have optional Hot-Stick Rings on hooks and latches, as well as Hot Stick Operating Levers. One inch diameter, Hot Stick Rings eliminate direct contact with hoists. The Strap and Fiberglass Handles are intended to provide an extra measure of safety when working around energized lines.


UG-ALL web strap pullers are NOT insulating live-line tools.

When Straps are clean and dry, they may have dielectric properties typical of nylon or polyester fibers. However, when Straps become wet and/or dirty, they lose these dielectric properties. Use appropriate insulating hot sticks in conjunction with Web Strap Hoists and when necessary to achieve proper working distance per OSHA Regulation Subpart V, 1926.950 or company work practices. When handles swing closer to an energized conductor than OSHA working distance requirements or company work practices permit, use rubber gloves rated for the appropriate voltage.


Avoid personal injury or equipment damage
  • Do not use if web strap is twisted, kinked, frayed or damaged.
  • Do not use to lift people or loads over people.
  • Do not leave an unattended load suspended in the air.
  • Do not lengthen or make any substitution for the LUG-ALL
    reversible handle.
  • Do not remove or obscure warning labels.
  • Do not use hoist as a load binder.
  • Do not snag or pull the strap over edges, as serious weakening may result.
  • Do not use LUG-ALL hoists as a tow line.
  • Close latches on hooks before using.
  • Use only LUG-ALL replacement parts on LUG-ALL equipment.