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Physical Factors-Rigging Hardware

Synthetic slings were developed decades after rigging hardware for chain and wire rope slings. “Heavy metal” sling fittings were not designed with synthetic slings in mind. Slingmax®, Crosby® and other progressive manufacturers are now providing alternatives which make “geometric”, good sense for synthetic slings.


Work Load Limits can only be fully obtained when there is a proper spatial and geometric relationship between synthetic slings and hardware connection points. When slings are bunched or edge loaded, strength loss occurs. Increased strength realized from alloy shackles is great, but please consider using oversized alloy shackles or larger, carbon shackles with synthetic slings.

Loss of strength due to distortion can be overcome when slings are properly supported over a fitting design that is flat and straight. Other desirable characteristics would be proper thickness, diameter and finish. Sling Saver Fittings®, Synthetic Sling Saver Shackles®, High Performance Sling Connectors and G-Links™ support slings efficiently.