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Lift-It® Manufacturing - Repair and Testing


If repair work is necessary, it must be economically feasible and should only be done by a recognized sling manufacturer. Tent, awning, shoe and saddle shops are not equipped to test the repaired assembly and generally are not proficient in sling fabrication techniques.


Recycle your hardware, when the sling needs webbing replacement. Generally, the hardware components are reusable and utilization will substantially reduce overall sling costs. When we receive your components they are degreased and carefully inspected.


Repaired assemblies are proof tested to twice the assigned work load limit, per OSHA and ASME requirement. This procedure is done on equipment, which is annually certified to ASTM E4 standards and produces a machine generated record of each test. Beware of “testing” facilities that do not have the capabilities to offer a “machine” generated certificate of test.


An additional tag is attached to the assembly identifying Lift-It® as the repair agent. The test certificate is enclosed with the return shipment and your inspection records should be updated to reflect the repair activity, per OSHA requirements.

Lift-It® will provide certification of conformance for materials, strengths and work load limits for any of our products. A nominal charge will be applied if proof testing and certification are required.