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DBI-SALA Rescue & Retrieval Systems

DBI-SALA Confined Space Entry, Rescue & Descent Equipment


When it comes to rescue, it is essential that equipment operates perfectly and fast. DBI-SALA has developed rescue and retrieval systems that are more effective than any other available. Safety engineers and site directors trust DBI-SALA for high quality, rugged systems that will ensure top performance when it is needed.

Rescue and retrieval are critical components of any fall protection program. The fast and effective performance of these tasks often means the difference between life and death. Often the longer a fallen employee remains suspended or trapped, the worse the injuries become.

Rescue and Descent Equipment choices depend on the job site, the tasks being performed and available personnel. Rescue and Descent Equipment includes: Tripods, Davit Arms, Winches, Comprehensive Rescue Systems and Descent Devices.

DBI-SALA is the name to trust for Rescue/Descent Equipment.
The DBI-SALA product line includes a number of rescue and positioning systems that are easy to use, safe and allow for maximum control. Our descent control systems are safe, reliable and built to perform when you really need them.



Rescue Basics

• If a fallen worker can be accessed using a lift, bucket or ladder, one of these should be used. In some cases industrial sites may rely on local fire departments to assist in rescue, but in-house rescue response time is usually much shorter.
• Rescuers should always be backed up with a secondary redundant system, such as a Self Retracting Lifeline that is totally independent of the primary rescue means.
• All rescue team members should receive training and practice on a regular basis.

Confined Space Rescue


Confined spaces, such as sewers, tanks or silos, are one of the most challenging rescue situations. Cramped space and narrow openings can make rescue access difficult. At the same time, these situations often have problems such as inadequate ventilation or noxious air that make immediate rescue imperative. Generally a person without oxygen after four minutes will die or suffer brain damage.
The critical nature of these rescues sometimes leads to poorly planned attempts. Two-thirds of deaths in confined space rescue occur to people trying to rescue someone else. Proper equipment to perform quick, safe rescue is essential in any operation where confined spaces must be entered. DBI-SALA Confined Space and Rescue Equipment is engineered for perfect performance in critical, emergency situations.

What to Look for in a Confined Space Entry & Rescue System


During an emergency, speed and safety are your primary concerns and decisions must be made quickly. There is no room for error. DBI-SALA Confined Space and Rescue Systems provide you with the confidence to handle emergencies in a confined space.

The mechanical device is one of the most critical parts of the Confined Space Rescue System. It provides the means to retrieve an incapacitated worker. Lifeline type and length are just a few of the options. In some situations, a secondary or back-up system is required.

Confined Space Systems have to be built to stand up to the harshest environments. Components must be designed from quality materials strong enough to endure rough use and exposure to the elements.

The Confined Space Rescue System should be adjustable, readily adapting to extreme environments and uneven terrain. A modular design is also helpful, allowing you to add-on to the system.

The system you choose must be rated for the application you plan on using it for, such as fall arrest, rescue, man-riding or material handling. Choose a system that has been designed to maximize strength and minimize weight.

The portability of a Confined Space Rescue System is an important factor. It must be lightweight, easy to transport, set-up and store.
Remember, in an emergency situation, every second counts.


What to Look for in a Rescue / Descent System

The DBI-SALA product line includes a number of rescue and positioning systems, as well as descent and escape systems that are safe, easy to use and allow maximum control during use.


Systems like the Rollgliss R350 series provide ultimate versatility. You can change hauling ratios with a variety of pulleys.


The RPD provides a simple rescue system and incorporates general raising/lowering and positioning functions.


The Rollgliss® Self Rescue Kit is the simplest rescue system on the market.