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Specialty Nets

Specialty Nets

Lift-It® Wheel Nets are used in pairs to handle vehicles of various sizes and weights. Standard models are offered for Style “R” Wheel Nets, but in many instances Wheel Nets are designed and fabricated to meet specific application requirements. Our design criterion dictates that a single net be capable of supporting 75% of the total load. Wheel Net Work Load Limits are based on the use of two nets. Wheel Nets must be large enough to encapsulate more than 50% of tire diameter without damage from wheel well, chassis or body protrusions.

Wheel Nets

"R" (Ring) Net - Open Body


Standard "R" (Ring) - Open Body Net Specifications


Stock Number




Masterlink (diameter)

1-1/4 in.

1-1/2 in.

1-3/4 in.

Wheel Nets WLL per Pair

10,000 Lbs.

34,000 Lbs.

60,000 Lbs.

A-Overall Length (O.A.L)

184 in

208 in.

294 in.

B-Body Width

36 in.

48 in.

66 in.

C-Body O.A.L.

96 in.

120 in.

132 in.

D-Tail Length

44 in.

44 in.

81 in.

E-Mesh Height

4 in.

6 in.

13 in.

F-Mesh Width

4 in.

8 in.

10 in.



24 in.

24 in.

H-Pad Length


48 in.

54 in.

"R" (Ring) Net - Closed Body


Please Specify:


Removal From Service Criteria:

a) Missing or illegible sling identification.
Wheel Nets shall be marked to show the following:
1) Name or trademark of the manufacturer
2) Manufacturer’s code or stock number
3) Rated load for the wheel net
4) Type of synthetic material
b) Acid or caustic burns.
c) Melting or charring of any part of the wheel net.
d) Holes, tears, cuts or snags.
e) Broken or worn stitching in the load bearing splices.
f) Excessive abrasive wear.
g) Knots in any part of the wheel net.
h) Discoloration and brittle or stiff areas on any part of the net, which may mean chemical or ultraviolet or
sunlight damage.
i) Fittings that are pitted, corroded, cracked, bent,
twisted, gouged or broken.
j) For hooks, removal criteria as stated in ASME B30.10.
k) For other applicable hardware, removal criteria as
stated in ASME B30.26.
l) Other conditions, including visible damage, that cause
doubt as to the continued use of Wheel Nets.

  1. Vehicle Weight
  2. Overall Vehicle Width
  3. Vehicle Tire Diameter
  4. Overall Tire Tread Width
  5. Net Type:
    • “R” (Ring)
    • “L” (Loop)
  6. Pad Length “H” and Gap “G” for custom Open Net Body styles.
  7. Net Body Style:
    • Closed (No Gap)
    • Open (With Gap)
  8. Body Width “B”
  9. and Length “A”
  10. Lifting Tail Length “D”


Wheel Net Systems are available with a wide range of sizes and capacities. Wheel Net Systems feature a spreader bar, sling bridles and a pair of wheel nets. Reusable storage boxes can be supplied to provide storage and prevent damage.


Do not store heavy, metal objects on top of Wheel Nets.

"L" (Loop) Net - Open Body


"L" (Loop) Net - Closed Body


Actual Photos in Use