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Lift-It® Manufacturing - Test Your Skills

Test Your Synthetic Sling Knowledge!

Answer True or False

1. Is synthetic sling length required to be on the sling tag per OSHA/ASME?

2. As the sling angle increases, so does the sling strength?

3. A slightly damaged sling can still be used as long as decreased strength is taken into account?

4. There is zero tolerance for synthetic sling damage?

Multiple Guess

1. What level of synthetic sling Inspection requires documentation?

a. Initial

b. Frequent

c. Periodic

d. Quarterly

2. Which is not an adequate form of sling protection to prevent damage from cutting?

a. Meshguard

b. CornerMax® Sleeves

c. Magnetic Corner Protectors

d. Firehose

How many things are not correct?

(Hint: If you cannot find at least 3, you need to attend the AWEA Pre-conference, sling and rigging training?)

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